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3 Exercises For A Youthful Neck

Have you stopped a while to think of the stand that supports your face – the neck? Don’t we almost always forget the poor neck in all our anti aging and firming excitements? Your face and neck (also your hands) display the signs of aging long before your other body parts do. Just as we exercise to keep the rest of our body toned and in shape, doing these 3 simple exercises will help you ward off aging neck concerns...

Top 5 Tips To Healthy Nails

Have you ever felt the sadness of a broken nail? I noticed that my nails were prone to breaking and chipping ever so often that a perfect French manicure became a distant dream-broken chipped nails are considered sacrilegious in the land of manicures...The color and nail texture are the parameters that decide the health of your nails.

Daddy Skin Care Routine!

Dad’s the greatest! He’s a self- driven, hard working, committed individual living his present to the fullest. But all that perseverance has taken its toll on his skin; he’s got a dull look, fine lines and it feels rough. This Father’s Day, I’m gifting him a ‘Daddy Skincare routine’. Share these tips with your Dad; he’ll love them!

Get Your Strokes Right When Shaving

As a guy, you probably have a million things to do in the morning: cooking breakfast, watering the garden, driving kids to school... in addition, the shaving ritual! How can you make this easy and effective? Follow these simple steps to notice how different you feel with your next shave.

Which Moisturizers Work Best In Summers?

Do you make a moisturizer switch during the summer months? Are you confused as I am, wondering which one would be my summer choice- should I use a gel, or is it better to use a light water based moisturizer, or will an oil based one do, or will using one with flower and fruit extracts help?- the choices are endless and confusing! Here’s what I discovered about moisturizers and which one work best for the hot months.

Itchy Skin In The Summer?

Medically an itch, called ‘pruritus’, is a skin irritation that urges you to scratch that area. It can be a localized irritation or can be generalized occurring all over the body. During the hot months itchiness is common due to the heat and presence of allergens in the air. Prickly heat, Sunburns, Dryness, and Skin Sensitivity are your common ‘itch-providers’.

5 Simple Steps To A Great Summer!

Summer is here! So is the time to show some skin. With barely-there make up and the strappy clothes coming out of your wardrobe, you need to skin ready for summer. Here are 5 simple steps you can follow to brave the summer sun...

5 DIY Sunburn Remedies

Do you think an unprotected hour in the sun would impact my skin? Sadly, it does- I ended up with sizzling sun burnt skin and was left resembling a grilled lobster. We know the havoc sun exposure plays- prolonged sun exposure puts us at the risk of skin cancer too. With all our knowledge of sunscreens and sun blocks, as humans :) we do go wrong sometimes ending up looking red and sun-blotchy.