Let’s Talk Of Beauty-full Spain!

Don’t you love everything Spanish? I, for one, absolutely adore everything about Spain… their culture, their food and especially their people. Who doesn’t go weak in the knees at the sight of a gorgeous Spanish beauty? Here is your chance to get that Spanish perfection for your skin- let’s take our mySkin beauty bus to Espanol 🙂
Are you from the beautiful land of Spain? Tell us how did you find this article? What other skincare tips can you add? Love to hear from you- Spanish experts:) Adiós! Hasta pronto!

Is Overuse Of Beauty Products Making Your Skin Sensitive?

Is it really a good idea to use many products at a time? If oily skin troubles you, is it a good idea to cleanse, cleanse and cleanse more? In your effort to remove dead skin, are you actually causing harm to it? Is Overuse of beauty products making your skin sensitive?

6 Tips To Great Skin From Greece

When I say ‘Greek’ you say ‘Grecian Goddess’! It’s known that Greek women bathed in ‘attar’ that was imported from Egypt. They used to cover their lissome bodies in olive oil and then work out-this was to sweat under the oil. The soil which when got stuck on their skin during the work outs was then removed with a ‘stleggida’, a tool which resembles a sickle. Talk of an ‘all- in-one’- work out, moisturizing and exfoliation routine!

Guest Post: The Fish Pedicure

Fed up of trying to soak and scrub away the hard skin on your feet? You could use the good old pumice stone, various blades and tools to shave off the hard skin. But, all these tools require a lot of effort, especially if you have a lot of tough skin. Now there is a much easier way to have soft supple feet- the Garra fish pedicure!

3 Smoothies For Great Skin

3 Smoothies For Great Skin

Can you drink your way to great skin? Yes! Smoothies are the new mantra for clean, clear and smooth skin! Smoothies are packed with fiber; help in toxin elimination and making your digestive system work smoothly. They are the best way to incorporate the five portions of fruits and vegetables in your eating regime without worrying about munching on and on…Here are 3 Smoothies that you can concoct to say cheers to healthy skin:)

Guest Post: Gorgeous Skin Is Your Best Beauty Accessory

Excited- Jackie Silver aka Aging Backwards blogs for us!! She says,” In fact, though you can’t see it happening, every minute of the day we lose about 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells off the surface of our skin to make room for the new skin cells. As we age, dead skin cells don’t shed as quickly and turnover of new skin cells may decrease slightly”. Read more to know why Gorgeous Skin Is Your Best Beauty Accessory…