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5 Skincare Tips And Tricks For Halloween

All ready with a ghoulish ‘Jack-O-Lantern’ and waiting with anticipation to paint my 'Sabrina- the teenage witch' inspired look this Monday. Isn’t my status very much like yours? – All prepped up with the pumpkins, costumes, makeup and ready to immerse oneself at the late night-dos where sugary candy, drinks n’ puddings are relished with gusto. Beware guys- don’t let this Halloween magic trick your skin else its gonna look bumpy, ruddy, dull and lifeless.
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Guest Post: Top 5 Winter Skin Care Tips

It may seem counter intuitive – all of that frozen white stuff is a form of water, right? – but winter can actually be more drying and harder on your skin than summer. During the winter months most of the moisture in the air is tied up in solid forms of precipitation. Cold, dry conditions in combination with harsh winds can wreak havoc on your skin.
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Fact Or Myth: The Miracle Worker For Your Skin- Acai Berries

I have often wondered if this berry from the recesses of the Brazilian jungles is as miraculous as it is touted to be for one's skin or is it just another smart marketing gimmick. Being a beauty geek and conscious consumer it was time to put on my Hitchcock hat!

Guest Post: 5 Ways The Environment Affects Your Skin

Beautiful, healthy, and youthful-looking skin is something most of us strive to possess. After all, our skin is the canvas behind the look we show off to the world day in and day out. Our skin, however, can be a bit tricky to care for and many of us struggle to achieve balance, particularly with changing seasons or during travel. Have you ever noticed that your skin looks and behaves differently in spring, summer, winter, and fall or when you travel to a new location? Keep reading to learn about 5 ways your environment can change the look and feel of your skin...

Make Up Essentials For Hispanics

Pretty dress – check! Sexy shoes – check! Matching accessories – check! Makeup- confused…this is one area I falter on like many other Hispanic and Latino women. Here is what to ‘hit’ and ‘miss’ from the makeup scene for us to look ravishing and confident...
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Manage Your Skin With TLC During Menopause

Menopause is that time in a woman’s life when everything seems upside down! The ruckus created in our system is because our body stops producing one small hormone called estrogen. Just when you thought that you had left your skin care woes behind with teens long gone, they seem to be back! Worry not- for today we talk about how your skin could get impacted during menopause and how to handle it the right way.