Can I Use My Face Moisturizer As An Eye Cream?

I have often wondered, are eye creams a fable…an urban legend that we all listen to and abide by or are they an absolute must. With the growth of the beauty business into a billion dollar industry, I wonder if all these new inventions really work and are they scientifically driven in reality. It was time for some expert consultation to figure out if the veterans saw eye to eye with the eye creams!

Do You Have Beautiful Elbows?

Are dry, chapped, hyper pigmented or scaly elbows a part of your identity? Surprisingly, we land up with bad looking elbows with our neglecting them in our skin care regimes. A little effort and care will transform your corners:)

3 Skin Infections Viral In Origin

I’ve heard of viral marketing, but it came in as a surprise to know of skin infections being viral in origin too. Viruses attack and compromise the skin- we need to have our battle plans ready against them. These infections range from being common to rare and can go from being mild to severe. Here are three viral skin infections that you should ideally keep your eyes open to…

Guest Post: Scars, Scarring And Scar Care

All of us have some sort of scar somewhere. Some are light and barely noticeable; others can completely change a person’s appearance. There’s no magical cure for any scarring, but you don’t need to earn a PhD to know that proper scar care can diminish their appearance and provide a huge boost to your self-esteem.

Does Passive Smoking Affect The Skin?

If you are a smoker you will have bad skin. There is no gentle way to say this. I don’t smoke; one of the many reasons being the fear of an early onset of fine lines and wrinkles. You must have noticed how most smokers have ashen looking skin, exaggerated fine lines and deeper set wrinkles. But what I didn’t know was that being around smokers was affecting my skin as well. There was nothing passive about being a passive smoker!

3 DIY Winter Moisturizers

There’s a nip in the air. To quench my water thirsty skin, it’s time to add, mix and whip few wonderful moisturizers in my kitchen. You could go au natural with these fabulous, at home, DIY hydrators power packed with the goodness of Peaches, Coconuts, Olive Oil, Milk, Shea Butter and Bees Wax!

Top 10 Acne Fighting Foods

Top 10 Acne Fighting Foods

You are what you eat, isn’t it? But, it’s crazy to believe that eating pizzas, chocolates and other junk food items gives you acne! No doubt, these foods contribute to acne flare-ups but there are many other factors like hormones, genes, skin type, environmental impact and your skincare routine that could give you the zits. Interestingly, as certain foods contribute to flare ups, there are some food pyramid items that help fight acne.

Guest Post: The Long Term Effects of Heavy Makeup Use

Hey Ladies! We all know that looking our best sometimes requires a little accenting of our natural beauties with complementary makeup colors. Unfortunately this can easily be over done and often times is! When this occurs long term damage actually takes place. Lets take a look at what some of the consequences to your skin are from over indulgence in makeup and how to avoid them.