Top 3 Tips To Healthy Cuticles

Top 3 Tips To Healthy Cuticles

Get up and take notice- you need to be hand n’ nail beautiful in the winter months. Else, your hands are going to tell a different story about you quite divergent from your sexy boots, scarves and jackets:)

5 Reasons You Didn’t Get Good Results With Laser Hair Removal

Ladies, we love hair, as long as it’s on our heads and not anywhere else. Smooth, hair-free skin is one of our lifelong quests, and laser hair removal has become the treatment of choice for those who want a permanent solution.
Unfortunately, many who have had the treatment claim that it just doesn’t work. The blame can be on the technology, the technician or you. That’s right – you.
Today’s guest post blogger is Cindy Clark, a medical writer for Skin Vitality, one of Canada’s largest aesthetic medical providers.

3 DIY Beauty Serums For The Windows To Your Soul

My last jaunt to the drugstore left me with a small hole in my pocket. My latest possession, an eye serum was the culprit here:) These little wonder tubes help wipe off the unwanted frown/laugh lines and crow’s feet taking years off your peepers. Also true is that many eye serums work on specific eye problems. With the holiday cheer and extra time at hand , I’m donning the beautician cap and making my own organic eye serum right at home! Join in guys, let’s have some fun:)

How To Keep Your Nose Glowing In Winter?

It’s the holiday season- there I hear “Rudolf the red nosed reindeer” floating in the air! Its fine calling Rudolf red nosed, but not me. Many a times what outshines my nose are the blackheads on it. Snowflakes are fun but my nose skin gets dry and flaky too. Here are simple tips to keep you looking nose-savvy:)

Guest Post: 3 Home-made Beauty Recipes

Guest Post: 3 Home-made Beauty Recipes

There are some wonderful products out there on the market today, backed by sophisticated research. However, sometimes, all the research you need is the evidence of your own eyes, and the wisdom of generations of women before you. Before there were commercial beauty products, there was still skin-care! Open your kitchen cupboards and you’ll find the things you need to make some very effective treatments to have you looking and feeling great. Many of them are incredibly simple too. Here are three of the best examples by our guest blogger, Izzy Woods.

Latest Trends In Acne Treatment

In this post on, ‘Latest Trends In Acne Treatment’, guest blogger Melissa shares her thoughts on blue light therapy, vitamin B5 usage and Accutane. The post has been completely written by the guest blogger and the thoughts expressed are hers alone. mySkin does not endorse to any products or sites mentioned in the post.

Does Hispanic Skin Need Special Skincare?

Are there any ‘skincare specials’ for Hispanics when it comes to treatments like lasers, microdermabrasion or beauty products?