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mySkin Talking To Charmaine- Host Of Popular Video Beauty Blog Glamology

It always feels great to meet 'that special someone' who is driven by unbound energy, creativity and passion in educating people about ingredients present in beauty products telling us the 'good' and 'bad' of this massive and many a times mind boggling cosmetic world. I felt like I'd met a friendly 'skin-encyclopedia' after talking to Charmaine Cianciullo, the host of the fabulous video beauty blog, Glamology.

Three Week Program Until Valentines To Look Great !

Somehow, the most romantic day in the year can also be the most stressful. Oh! The effort to look like a dream can definitely not be an easy task. This year, however, give mySkin’s three week program a shot and end up looking like the goddess that you truly are!

Top 5 Most Talked About Controversial Beauty Ingredients In 2011

The year 2011 was no stranger to controversy and forecasted warnings. The health and beauty industry was no different, as both consumers and health organizations scrutinized cosmetic companies for their use of dangerous ingredients. Here are some of the most talked about ingredients of the past year, and why you should watch out for them by guest blogger, Kimberly Wilson.

Slideshow: 5 Tips For Younger Looking Eyes

Eyes are the windows to see this beautiful world! When I see a person having fresh looking, open and expressive eyes, it feels nice to connect, make friends and listen to him/ her. Now, picture someone with tired, drowsy, puffy eyes! Not a pleasant feeling, right? Negativity begets a negative feeling while positivity; beautiful eyes- beget positivity, warmth and openness. Here are 5 simple tricks and tips that will help you get younger looking eyes.

Celebrity Skincare: Metrosexual Brad Pitt

Men become more distinguished with age and one glaring example is the newly salt and peppered Brad Pitt. This Hollywood celebrity and global heartthrob is comfortable playing many roles; dedicated dad, social and environmental activist and a philanthropist. If you thought that Pitt, like most men doesn’t take care of his skin then here is a reality check. Let’s take a quick sneak peak and get to Meet Joe Black!

5 Tips To Look Younger

Looking younger is the goal of anyone older than a teenager. There are millions of cosmetics, lotions, and procedures that promise healthier, better looking, younger looks. Here are a few simple tricks by guest blogger Heather Smith that anyone can do to keep themselves looking younger, longer. And they don’t have to break the bank.

Lab To Beauty Bottle: Looking Forward To 3 Eureka Moments In 2012

Every new year brings hope and renewed energy to fulfilling our search in finding the 'Holy Grail' of eternal youth. All of us want to look, feel and live 'beauty-fully'. Safe, effective and scientific measures to attain a line-free, scar-free look are always welcome, aren't they? I for one am looking forward to these 3 molecules or technologies creating beauty buzz in 2012 .

How To Get Budget Friendly While Buying Cosmetics

The prices of high-end cosmetics are increasing day by day and it is becoming almost impossible to buy them. Brands like Chanel, Dior, Estee Lauder, and Lancome are now targeting the high spending customers only. But many women are averse to spending such huge amounts on cosmetics alone. This article by guest blogger Kate Wilson will act as a guide to those consumers who are price-conscious when it comes to buying cosmetics.

5 Beauty Resolutions For The New Year!

Leading a stress free 2012 is important for me. I feel that when my mind is in a state of well being, my body will follow suit:) I will reduce undue stress in my life. One tip I will follow is not to think of issues, things, moments that are beyond my control and live in the present state, not lose my sleep thinking about the future and mulling over the past.