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Revealing Beaute Talks About The Makeup Show NYC

Two days of makeup, color, seminars and fun :) That’s how I feel after attending The Makeup Show NYC held recently on May 13 and 14 where over 6,000 beauty professionals, educators, beauty bloggers and leading beauty brands gathered at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York. The Makeup Show NYC guest blog has been submitted by a dear friend of mine, Frances Williams. She is the founder of the Revealing Beaute Blog and a wonderful twitter pal.
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Which Sunscreens Work Best For Our Brave Soldiers?

You brave hearts walk, run and train for long hours outdoors bearing the brunt of the UVAs and UVBs. With such long hours spent under the rays, your necessity to sun protect is paramount. Here are mySkin's recommended sunscreens that would work best for either your combination/ dry/ normal/ oily skin.

Eat Your Sunscreen-Foods With SPF

All skin savvy people agree that your sunscreen is your absolute best friend. But what if I were to tell you that now, not only can you apply your sunscreen to be skin ready and sun safe, you can eat it too? Before you get all over zealous and glug down that bottle of sunscreen :) read on to find out foods that boost your internal SPF!

5 Ways To Get Rid Of Acne Scars

The emergence of acne scars on one's face is as traumatic as having acne. That's why so many people are seriously looking for solutions to their acne scar problems. Even though there are several acne scar removing products in the market, one would not readily advise another to use them. Some of these products do not fulfill what their makers promised, and most of them are a source of allergy to some skins. Here are 5 simple, yet effective ways to get rid of acne scars.

Strange Beauty Treatments Throughout History

Human history is full of people doing strange, dangerous, and sometimes downright insane things in the name of beauty. Some of these have become part of the popular consciousness, such as Chinese foot-binding, where the feet of young girls were bound tightly to prevent them from growing further and ruining the beauty of tiny feet. Others, however, have been more or less lost over the years and fallen into obscurity – but not for any longer! Here are some of the strangest things we've ever done in the name of looking good. Great post by guest blogger, Debbie Sweet.

12 Foods That Can Sit On Your Face

Guess what! The foods that we eat can benefit the skin when applied directly too! You can puree them, cut them, mash them, whisk them, grate them and enjoy all their goodness. These foods can literally sit on your face :)

Why Choose Organic Cosmetics Over Cosmetic Procedures?

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in 2010- 2011 women underwent over 1.6 million surgical procedures. Further, in 2011 alone, this plastic surgery came at a cost of over $10 billion! The most common surgical procedures are liposuction, breast implants, eyelid surgery, tummy tuck, and breast lift. Many women obsessed with the 'anti-aging mantra' of plastic surgery ignore the numerous risks and costs that are associated with these procedures. Most of these risks can be avoided by using organic cosmetics as opposed to undergoing harmful surgeries. Here are 5 possible dangers of plastic surgery enumerated by guest blogger, Lisa Moore.
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Mother’s Day DIY Gift: Lemon Green Tea Sugar Scrub

She’s a special woman- you’re Mother! Your source of inspiration, your role model, and your very first beauty expert has been your mother. How about gifting her the goodness of antioxidants, providing her the protection against sun damage, helping her skin cells rejuvenate and making her look younger this Mother’s day?