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Infographic:10 Best And Worst Cities For Your Skin

Your healthy skin is a result of your good genes, your lifestyle, your diligent skincare routine , your diet and guess what, your zip-code; the place where you live with your loved ones! Geographical variations, sun intensity levels, pollution, climatic variations, even the smoking population in your city impact the health of your skin. Here is an infographic from our friends at on the 10 best and worst cities for your skin!

Feeling Sheepish-Do Sheep Placenta Facials Really Work?

The skincare industry is taking huge strides in making eternal youth a reality. One of the newest skincare trends that have been made popular by none other than the famous Mrs. Beckham is sheep placenta facials. One cannot deny that four kids later, Victoria Beckham looks as spicy as she did in her former Spice Girl days. Here's a lookie into this new ‘posh’ treatment!

7 Minute Workout To Look Younger

Today we know that beauty and youthful looks are not just cosmetic but are a result of a healthy diet, a good skincare routine and EXERCISE! But most of us also are very hard pressed for time. So mySkin designed a 7 minute workout for you that revs up your metabolism, banishes your stress hormones, gets your blood flowing and keeps your skin looking younger and glowing!

mySkin Was At The Natural Beauty Summit, New York

The Natural Beauty Summit, America was held on May 14th-15th in New York at the Sheraton hotel. An intimate group of influencers and trailblazers in the field of natural beauty attended and mySkin was honored to be invited as part of the group.
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Get Summer Savvy – Flaunt Swimwear Fit For You

Finding the right swimsuit has been one of the toughest fashion choices that I have had to make. Was looking sexy and savvy in a swimsuit only the privilege of women with perfect bods? With a little bit of research I discovered that whatever your shape might be, there is a swimsuit 'right' for you :) So gear up and get ready to make a splash!

5 Steps To Summer Ready Legs

Summer style is never complete without wearing out those super sexy legs! With all the hiding that your legs have been going through this winter they will need some extra TLC to get beach ready. Here are 5 great steps to get summer ready in a snap:

3 DIY Treatments For Younger Looking Hands

Your hands are the first beacons of your years, even before your face! Instead of splurging on expensive creams and painful plumping treatments we decided to give you three DIY home remedies that keep together the youth of your hands :)