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Teen Skincare: 4 Easy Tricks To Glowing Skin

You are a Teen! A special, exciting phase, isn't it? While making sure you have the perfect outfit to shine on your first day of school, it's equally important that you aim to have perfect skin all through out the year! Here are 4 simple tricks to keep your skin looking awesome.
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10 Incredible Anti Aging Tips

Many handsome men and beautiful women, who were renowned for their beauty during their youth, have looked hideous during their old age. Aging cannot be avoided but there are various ways by which its effects could be delayed or reduced. Here are 10 vital tips to fight skin aging by guest blogger Jenny.

Playing Footsie – 5 Foot Soaks That Work

Did you flaunt your feet to the sun, sand, water and surf this summer? All the summer fun and elemental exposure has left your feet yearning for love and affection. Why not incorporate a little TLC for your feet by pampering them with 'spa style' foot soaks. Here are five amazing foot soaks that will keep your peds happy and relaxed sending relief soaring through your body

Why Is Skin Brightening Right For You?

Men and women want to know how to lighten their dark skin patches and brighten their skin. Whether you are suffering from patches of dark skin due to a chronic condition, are simply born with freckles and don’t like them or have age spots, topical skin brightening treatments could help you. Read what guest blogger, Joyce thinks about skin brightening treatments.

mySkin Talks At #GreenYourBeauty Event NYC

mySkin had the privilege to share thoughts on 'How to green your beauty routine' at the recently held #GreenYourBeauty event hosted by beauty blogger Nicole of Lipstick and Luxury and fashionista Kimberlee of I Have A Degree In This blog.
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Have You Tried Avocados?

Did you know? Avocados contain more ‘useful’ fat than other fruits. They are high in omega oils and Vitamin E, both excellent for the skin. Avocados contain Vitamin A, K, B6,C and also contain minerals such as potassium and copper. These minerals are extremely useful in treating skin ailments. The mono saturated fats and oleic acids contained in avocados keep your skin supple and smooth.