5 Etiquettes For The Spa Goer

5 Spa etiquettesAre you a spa believer? Do you firmly believe that nothing washes away all your stresses and fatigues like a trip to the spa?

To make your spa experience enriching, wow! and comfortable- without those small land mine moments, here are your five spa etiquettes. Follow them as you spa up!

To take off or not to take off? that is the question: You will be given a robe to undress and change into. But how much do you take off? Ideally you should strip down to whatever level you are comfortable. But most spas provide disposable inner wear that is good enough to cover your modesty. Also remember that you will never be exposed completely since aestheticians and massage therapists are adept in the art of draping.

Turn off your smart phone: A ringing phone is not a smart move in a spa. So either switch off your smart phone completely or at least put it on silent…and we mean silent, not on vibrator mode. You don’t want your mind wandering to your phone when you are in the middle of a heavenly spa experience. Plus a ringing phone in a spa atmosphere is very disturbing to others who might want to disconnect completely with the outside world.

How long do you stay? So, your treatment is over and your therapist tells you to take the time you need to get dressed. But how long can you really use the room? Generally, the therapy room will be required in the next 15 to 20 minutes so it’s best not to take longer than that. If you want the relaxing experience to linger, head to the relaxation room, steam baths, saunas or other such features offered by most spas these days. Just remember to drink enough water to flush out toxins after a massage.  Also don’t hesitate to ask for toiletries if you need some so that you can freshen up completely before you head out.

How much do you tip? Most of us are quite uncertain as to how much to tip. A number of spas have a no tipping policy since the tip amount is built into the therapy cost. However, you can always ask the spa receptionist about their tipping policy at the time you book your appointment. Normally, it is best to tip 15 -20% of the treatment cost before taxes. If you have used multiple therapists, then simply ask the spa owner to add the percentage you want to tip to the spa bill and distribute it to everyone.  Also if you are not happy with your spa experience do not hesitate to inform the manager of the same.

Don’t forget to be punctual: And lastly, remember to be punctual. Arrive 15 to 30 minutes early for your appointment so that you can completely enjoy the spa. If you are late then your treatment time is likely to be shortened. Give yourself the time you need to decompress, take the tour of the spa, decide on what therapy you want and/or if you want to top up your treatment with some other services such as a wrap or a microdermabrasion. This time will also help you familiarize yourself with your therapist and surroundings. Punctuality will aid you in having an enjoyable spa experience.

Make your spa experience a truly enjoyable one- Spa up!


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