Expert Opinion: Danuta Mieloch, Skincare aesthetician addresses skincare concerns


Danuta Mieloch

Danuta Mieloch recently spoke to Danuta Mieloch, a skincare aesthetician, in Philadelphia. Profiled as one of Philadelphia’s Magazine’s “Best Of” issues, as well as Philadelphia Style’s “Best Of Style.” Mieloch has been featured in a variety of national publications such as Allure, Cosmopolitan, and InStyle. And as a trendsetter, she’s frequently tapped as an expert source to divulge everything from her favorite things and her design philosophy to where she gets her hair done.

One of the major things that sets Mieloch apart from the best aestheticians is her seemingly inherent ability to read the complexion and then cull the best from a host of exclusive products to get visible results. She gives more than a superb facial, she educates her clients on the importance of building a proper skincare regimen and tells them what each mask, serum, and cleanser is doing to combat the stressors taking a toll on their faces.

We are happy to have her share her tips with you!

What are the ways to determine my skin type, if I have dry, oily,
combination or normal skin?
There are some basic tests you can perform.  Like washing your face, waiting a few minutes then blotting with tissue.  If you see oil all over you most likely have oily skin.  If the oil is only in the middle you probably have combination skin.  If there is no oil then you are probably normal or dry.  But skin is dynamically changing, everyday, season to season. Hormonal & age changes also play a role.  You need to educate yourself about the skin to learn how to read it.

Users typically experience sensitivity to some kind of products, and
most people wrongly say that their skin is sensitive. How would one
Active ingredients play a role in sensitivity or irritation. Get familiar with active ingredients as some may cause an initial reaction.  Introduce active ingredients like Retinol and Alpha Hydroxy Acids gently after you’re properly informed about their potential reactions based on your skin type.

How should I analyze my skin to determine its health? Having a consultation with a skincare expert to learn about the state of your skin is the first step. Being attentive is the key to maintaining your beautiful skin.  Healthy skin should be clear, moist and glowing.

How often should I do facial? Ideally monthly facials are great, but if you have the right skincare program, seasonal facials will do.  Most importantly take good care of your skin everyday by following a regimen that has been customized to your skin type by a professional.

What are the key preparation steps one should do to ensure a
successful trip to the spa?
If its a day spa arrive 15 min. early, slip on a robe, have a seat on the sofa, and relax with a cup of tea!  If you have any questions make sure you ask in advance. Also make sure to tell the facialist what products you currently use and how often so they can assess if it’s a skin issue or a reaction to what you’re using.

When doing facial, some spas do deep extraction, and really pick on
my acne and blackheads, some says it will leave scars, who’s right?
Extractions done wrong can leave some scarring.  Make sure you do research about the staff where you are going (that they are appropriately trained).  Proper extractions can be very beneficial and leave minimal redness.  I usually don’t suggest in on the first visit as it may be too much stimulation to the skin.

Are there differences among age spots, sun spots, and freckles? Are
they the same thing?
Age spots & sun spots are the same, caused by exposure to the sun.  Freckles are hereditary.

I was told once you have black circle, you can’t get rid of them, is this true? There are many factors to dark circles.  They may be hereditary, caused by lack of sleep, dehydration, health issues, stress, etc.  If its hereditary it is very difficult to get rid of them, however try Vitamin K.  If it’s due to lack of sleep it can be treated with the appropriate eye cream and self massage to drain fluids.

How do I determine if an eye cream works? I tried so many different kinds but none of them really gave me a visible difference?
You need to learn how to read your skin and while trying a product. If you don’t see improvement change it!  Eye cream is very important because skin in this area is typically the thinnest and dryest. The appropriate one will work wonders to hydrate this area, making you look more awake and draw attention to your eyes.

Are there any latest technologies that are helping aid the
anti-aging process?
Peptides, retinols, and antioxidants are fantastic.  The best advice to prevent aging is what you already know:  Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and always use sunscreen.

What current skincare trends are you enthusiastic about or support? Embrace the new technologies such as electricity and laser treatments but don’t forget that the basics and consistency are what really count.

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