Expert Tips To Looking Awesome By Deidre Gavin

Do you know the secret to feeling and looking wonderful on V-day? Deidre Gavin, owner of the Naturally Bare Boutique Spa, talks to mySkin on what works!

Sheetal: Tell Us a bit about yourself, Deidre and what inspired you to start a boutique spa and a nutrient skincare line?

Deidre: I have always had an adventurous spirit. I thrive on taking a multitude of challenges. I was both a girly girl and tomboy growing up. I would go from cheer leading practice to throwing strikes in a softball game.  After years of running around Los Angeles looking for the best facial for my skin and coming up empty handed, I knew I wasn’t the only woman in LA with this problem. It was time to become a licensed esthetician and open my own spa- Naturally Bare, with emphasis on customer service, skin analysis, and natural products that offer the best results. At the spa, my clients would come in with concerns of flaking and  itchy patches of skin. This saw the birth of my skincare line- Naturally Bare by Deidre creating formulas with therapeutic emollients like Borage and Tamanu oils.

Sheetal: Why is it important to get facials done? Which facials are new, talked about and work?

Deidre: Facials are essential to maintaining healthy, pH balanced skin. They are great for everyone, especially acne-prone skin that is often inflamed and in need of special attention and consistency. These days, everyone can age gracefully with treatments such as the Hydra Facial. The skin is exfoliated while active ingredients are simultaneously infused into the dermis. It works well on all skin types, and my clients love the results.

Sheetal: What are your product, lifestyle and DIY recommendations to get rid of acne and acne scars?

Deidre: Acne is challenging, but it can mostly be controlled, and in some cases eliminated (with the exception of that occasional break-out we all get). It is important to have a facialist that understands your concerns, and understands acne. There are many herbs that can be internally used to fight acne-causing bacteria, which you can consult with your regular doctor for. Once you are seeing the right esthetician, you need the correct cleanser for morning and night. I like to have my clients use a mild, healing cleanser in the morning, and a medicated cleanser at night. Following the cleansers with a light aloe moisturizer will reverse the drying effects that acne medicines have on the skin. Lastly, it’s extremely important to follow the protocols given, and make sure you see your esthetician on a regular basis. I like to have my clients sign up for BareScript, a monthly membership program that offers facials at a special member rate. I find that my clients are more likely to come in regularly and get the treatment they need with this monthly program.

Sheetal: What’s your advice on how to look awesome by Valentine’s day- Share your 3 day plan to look wonderful by V-day ?

Deidre: Everyone should pamper themselves for Valentine’s Day, man or woman. This holiday is not just for lovers, but love in general. Everyone should love themselves, or a friend, child, or parent. To get ready for this love-in-the-air holiday, I have something as simple as a three day plan that starts with exercise. On Day 1, practice yoga, or go for a hike to get your body moving and blood pumping. The rush of oxygen to your skin is going to offer you a lovely glow and prepare your skin for V- day. On Day 2, purchase a new set of undergarments, and use an amazing body balm from the Naturally Bare line. Noir is a wonderful, loving scent. Closer to the evening get your glow on even more with a special Valentine’s Day facial, such as The Cheesecake Facial. Here, I use a sugar cane enzyme followed by a warm vanilla ginger mask. It’s great for firming the skin and tightening the pores. Then get lots of rest to prepare for the big day. On Valentine’s Day,  put on your new garments to make you feel ultra desirable and ultra-feminine. After washing your face and applying a special serum,  put on a dash of make up and head out the door to spend the day by yourself or that special someone. You look good, feel good, and you know it’s going to be a great day!

Sheetal: What do you think of

Deidre: I love mySkin. You get real information about products from real people who have tried them. I also love the real advice offered. It’s a go-to for anyone.

Its been my honor and pleasure to talk to this “Love in the Air Always” lady- Deidre Gavin 🙂




Naturally Bare by Deidre: Born in LA with a New Orleans culture and soul, Naturally Bare by deidre is a nutrient bodyline that formulates natural products created by Deidre Gavin. Deidre is a licensed esthetician and student of nutrition who personally oversees the formulation of every product from start to finish. In keeping true to being natural and organic, every product is paraben, formaldehyde, petroleum, sulfate and alcohol free, as well as animal friendly. Ever committed to improving the health of people’s skin, Naturally Bare by deidre is equally committed to its philanthropic activities, with strong ties to many foundations in New Orleans and LA, which support women, young ladies and gentlemen, and animals. Connect with Deidre on Twitter- @NBBYDeidre


Note: All views expressed in this Q&A are the personal opinions of Deidre. mySkin’s dermograph™ is the world’s first transdermal skin analysis system that uses visible light to look across layers of the skin (surface and dermal) to measure characteristics of a customers’ skin’s health, prioritize issues to focus on, and provide tailored product recommendations from within your spas product inventory.

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Simple Skincare Tips For Valentine’s Day

Simple Skincare Tips For Valentine’s Day

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