“Facelift book” – The rise of the Selfie and Plastic Surgery

Smile for the Camera

There’s no doubt about it – the rise of selfies has become an epidemic, flooding social media. Everywhere you look, whether it’s Instagram, Facebook or more, people are snapping themselves and sharing it with the world. Kim Kardashian even devoted a whole book to her selfies, publishing thousands of images for everyone to see. One of the biggest reasons that selfies are gaining in popularity is tied in with plastic surgery. Those before and after shots just have to go viral!

When the Transformation is a Big Hit!

From that successful nose job to a new set of breasts that are beyond compare, or a facelift that has made those wrinkles disappear, young and old alike are jumping on the selfie bandwagon. They want everyone near and far to see what a difference the cut of the plastic surgeon’s knife has done for them. What better way than to use their mobile phone, snap a quick shot and get it out there.

Making a Splash

Plastic surgeons couldn’t love the technological age more. Their patients are doing a great job with advertising and word of mouth. With one click of a button, they’re sharing their positive results with the entire globe. Now thanks to the power of the social media, it’s possible to really expand one’s reach beyond a specific geographic location. With each selfie that’s posted after a cosmetic procedure, it’s like a ripple effect.

Spreading the Good News

When people post their before and after photos after a success story of a procedure, it gets people talking. It stirs up interest, captivating attention, making others want the same results. They want to know who did the procedure, all of the details, and they start thinking about doing it themselves. Next thing you know, a doctor’s gallery is going to start growing in leaps and bounds. Plastic surgeons no longer need to worry about marketing techniques. Their patients are doing the job for them. With every selfie that goes public, it’s another referral that will head business toward a plastic surgeon’s door. Waiting rooms are sure to be full as more selfies flood the web.


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is article was provided by Ashley Harris from ConnectTheory, who worked closely with Dr. Kadri from Beverly Hills based plastic surgery center on the content development & refinement. Th

“Facelift book” – The rise of the Selfie and Plastic Surgery

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“Facelift book” – The rise of the Selfie and Plastic Surgery

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