Featured Expert: Dr.Julia Hunter, Dermatologist & Founder Of Wholistic Dermatology

Who doesn’t like listening to an expert? Especially when you are wanting expert advice on looking younger,  flawless and gorgeous! Its been a pleasure talking to Beverly Hills based dermatologist, Dr. Julia T. Hunter on beauty, skin health and her noteworthy contribution to wholistic dermatology.

mySkin:  Who is Dr. Julia T. Hunter? What was your inspiration to starting a career in dermatology?

Dr. Julia: Dr. Julia Hunter, Dermatologist and founder of Wholistic Dermatology, located in Beverly Hills, CA developed her  practice that creates healthy bodies AND healthy, beautiful skin in a “wholistic” approach – scientifically and physiologically correct, non-toxic,  products, pharmaceuticals, procedures, technology – treating the body as a ‘whole’, addressing the skin and its challenges and conditions, from the inside and out.  Specializing in prevention, restoration, slowing down and turning back the clock, skin and health problems and diseases in men, women, teens and  children, Dr. Hunter combines an individually prescribed Action Plan of essential supplementation, correct nutrition, exercise, and bio-identical hormones (if needed and indicated), with therapeutic, anti-inflammatory, non-toxic skin products, peels, and laser procedures.

My quest in Dermatology and scope of knowledge began by mentoring with skin care, Dermatology and health practitioners around the world and of many branches of medicine-traditional allopathic, Ayurveda, oriental, naturopathic, homeopathic, enlightened European “alternative” skin and medical and by working closely with plastic surgeons throughout the country during my Anesthesiology practice. I was inspired since my journey in Medicine began to help people prevent and reverse disease, aging and degeneration in a  healthy way,  have and know existed- an equally visible results  alternative to plastic surgery (which I saw patients would choose had they known there were alternatives and been exposed to all the methods available to slow down and turn back the clock) to help patients not only cosmetically, but internally become healthier and happier AND in a NON-toxic way so that the ONLY side effects were positive-from health comes beauty and vice versa. I retrained as a Dermatologist to pursue my “wholistic” dermatology passion, working with plastic surgeons, dermatologists and the largest laser and skin care practice in the Mid-Atlantic States, where I completed a two-year Fellowship. I studied and performed every category of laser; device, technology, product and skin care procedure, injectables, diagnosis and treatment.

From my experience in the dermatology workplace, I was able to substantiate my approach to treatment and protocol encompassing the imperative to treat “all the pieces of the body’s puzzle” in order to achieve best results.  I continued- and do so always- to expand my knowledge looking for the alternative to toxic and inflammatory, what works and why, why this vs. that, best use of patient time and monies, best tool for the job, scientifically correct and integrative therapies, by studying with physician leaders, mentors and all categories of medical practitioners leading these specialties, resulting in the physiologically correct road map to best skin beauty, wellness and prevention. The foundation of the Wholistic Dermatology unique methodology of treating patients and disease is focused like a laser on correct Science and Physiology, to achieve, if scientifically possible, a cure rather than just chasing symptoms in perpetuity.

mySkin: You talk about ‘wholistic dermatology’ being the answer to our beauty quests – Could you elaborate on what ‘wholistic dermatology’ encompasses?

Dr. Julia: Wholistic Dermatology is addressing the skin and body as a ‘whole’, inside and out, utilizing skin AND internal medicine, to optimize anti-aging, health, beauty, disease prevention, greater happiness and quality longevity. It is all about treating the skin and body with maximal strength preventative, non-toxic, non-inflammatory, truly therapeutic Skin Therapy Products and Peels, combined with Skin Fitness Plus Synergistic Supplements, and Skin Physiology Healthy Pharmaceuticals and Bio-identical Hormones – optimal treatments for whole body health. This is the science behind healthy skin and body! 

My mission is preventing disease rather than just detecting it, slowing down the aging process rather than just submitting to it and treating and ridding the whole body of toxins and disease rather than just the symptoms… as these are the MOST effective solutions for maximizing health care.

From HEALTH comes beauty and my side effect of creating beauty is health. The skin is the window of what is going on internally – it is the largest organ of the body, therefore without health, in my medical experience, EVERYTHING that promotes and preserves beauty and helps skin problem solutions works 30-50% at best with lessened longevity of results. My PROGRESSIVE METHODOLOGY provides a detailed road map for patients, so they can witness, step by step, the most visible results of restoring and replenishing the body’s resources to optimize health, happiness and quality longevity.

mySkin:  What cutting edge technologies are creating waves and showing appreciable results in the anti-aging market?

Dr. Julia: The best and most innovative technologies on the market today are:

Skin Therapy by Julia T. Hunter M.D. Professional Peels – the new gold standard professional peel technology, that is scientifically correct, most completely anti-aging, non-toxic, healthy, skin rejuvenating, restoring, protecting and clearing – replacing TCA, Jessner’s, glycolic and all those with their well- known downside. My unprecedented high dose, non-degrading, maximal therapy and results, break new ground with unique formulation, retinols, additionally containing extraordinary fortification with synergistic defense ingredients against known causes of aging. My professional strength acid peels, chirally correct, NOT inflammatory and skin thinning, as opposed to the other peels, provide state of the science treatment tools, for BEST visible results, HEALTHILY. Aging is thinning of all tissues, bones, gums, teeth, muscles, skin and slowing of organ functioning, and inflammation is the major cause of disease and aging, so you do not want to use products that further thin, inflame or challenge organ functioning. My high dose retinol peels penetrate most deeply vs. the other professional peels traditionally used, and the more deeply the skin is treated, the more completely the skin is restored, rejuvenated, lifted, tightened, thickened, made to function youthfully, cleared, protected, clarified and made beautiful.

Electrodermal screening and Physica Energetics – to help remove synergistically the obstacles for cure, re-establish cellular communication and repair for optimal cell, organ and whole body function, help  uncover the causes, disturbances, toxicities that we have accumulated from environmental toxicities, stressors, complicated by genetic challenges and weaknesses that promote and result in disease, health damage, aging and suffering.   Since Hippocrates health and medical practitioners and physicians worldwide have repetitively proved that the body best achieves complete healing, restoration and health when approached in the correct treatment sequence.   Electrodermal screening helps focus that sequence which is individual for each patient’s condition and genetics.  Physica Energetics provides the gamut of tools to participate in the return to optimal health, happiness and beauty.   

EndyMed 3Deep Laser – for total body tightening & rejuvenating. Now patients can all get the tightening results they want without painkillers or numbing of the skin and NO DOWNTIME!  For men and women – immediately can tighten legs, thighs, arms, back, face and neck, lift the buttocks and tighten and flatten the abdomen. EndyMed’s penetration to the deepest layers of the dermis for maximal collagen and skin component production, to lift, tighten and stimulate youthful new collagen production and turn back the clock. It needs no disposables (like Thermage) – so it is more affordable and does not hurt. It is also perfect for every skin type and color which is imperative. The patient sees immediate and continual visible measurable results – and each treatment creates improved results.

PRP – Platelet Rich Plasmapheresis = bio-rejuvenation. For the vast majority of patients, this procedure which has long been used in Orthopedics to successfully treat joint issues, has very positive and unprecedented results which nothing else can do, such as more youthful skin thickening, quality, beauty, clarity and color. The skin, internal and external, is being recreated and truly rejuvenated, and physiology being recovered. Due to the natural variation in quality of each person’s Platelet rich plasma and growth factors, (the healthier one is – the more and better the results are) the results will vary a bit between individuals. These growth factors are what rejuvenate volumnize and restore the deep and outer skin. They stimulate the stem cells to start working = bio-recruitment = re-creation and rejuvenation of youthful functioning of the skin. This is what the body normally uses to repair any broken bones, cuts, and surgery wounds, anything that needs to be healed in the body. These growth factors are also EXCELLENT and THE BEST to treat scars, abnormal pigment, stretch marks, aging hands, loose and falling eyelids, chests, cellulite, lined and loosening necks, hollowing under the eyes, falling brows and cheeks, thinning lips, to really treat anything that needs improving on the skin of the face, neck and body.  It brings back progressively the bloom of youth by volumnizing and restoring the skin so you look like YOU, only younger. This treatment is VERY synergistic in results with the Endymed laser, high dose retinol and healthy acid peels and MAXIMAL strength skin products and internals. In addition, one needs the internal supplementation to serve as the raw materials, the building blocks for the new tissue and collagen and skin components.

mySkin:   What are the parameters to measure skin fitness and skin health?

Dr. Julia: Skin is the largest organ of the body. Its beauty, the first way the world views us, comes from its health. The skin’s appearance is a window that shows us how all the internal organs of the body are working, individually and collectively. Think of the body as an orchestra and every organ should be in tune for the orchestra to work, feel and look good! Acne, wrinkles, brown spots, abnormal blood vessels, skin rashes, issues and thinning hair, weight and medical challenges are primarily the end result of internal organ compromised functioning. Sun, pollution, radiation, toxic, irritating chemicals in products used on the skin, hair and nails, in water (including what we bathe in), foods and the air we breathe, worsens the internal challenges, genetic, protein, immune, organ and cell damage and compromised functioning caused by what we eat, nutrients needed but lacking, stress, foods we are sensitive or allergic to and toxins (such as mercury, dental  work ingredients, DDT, bis-phenol, acrylates, etc) deposited in our glands, lymphatics, cells, DNA, gut and tissues and absorbed through our skin.

All of these, at any age, also cause decreased hormone levels, adrenal and thyroid gland dysfunction which further compound skin symptoms, gastrointestinal and often ache and pain issues, lack of energy and “brain power”, moodiness, sleep disorders, frequent illness and disease risks. At Wholistic Dermatology we optimize, as much as possible, all the pieces of your body’s anatomical and physiological puzzle, through blood tests and BioMeridian (Electrodermal) technology, evaluating cellular, mitochondrial, genetic, extracellular, lymphatic, health, functioning and disease of the skin and all organs of the body, to assess physiological aging, mitochondrial health, allergies – including foods, toxicities, fungal and heavy metal – and treatment success from disease to health. We then can assess and diagnose the internal problems to determine the best Action Plan to correctly treat the CAUSE rather than treat the symptoms in perpetuity. By utilizing only the best, most doable and affordable tools for the job, science NOT commerce, can we understand the “how to” and determine the road map to beauty, health, vitality and hopefully, happiness.

My pragmatic approach to practicing medicine is what works and why, why this vs. that, the best use of time and funds, and what is on the market today vs. what are the CORRECT solutions to skin and health problems that are doable, scientifically correct and affordable. I do not want anyone to waste their time and money or to have their hopes and dreams betrayed.

mySkin: What do you think skincare users can get out of mySkin.com?

Dr. Julia: Knowledge is power! The more information about what is the best, healthiest, non-toxic, non-inflammatory skincare and health promotion techniques, the smarter one becomes on what is the correct, truly therapeutic products, peels, procedures and technology to use on their skin and IN their body. It is ESSENTIAL to understand WHY and the DIFFERENCE between all the options, to achieve peace of mind and confidence in one’s decisions through knowledge and common sense, and to understand the limitations and realistic expectations.This is how mySkin can help.

Thanks for your time, Dr. Julia.

Hey, mySkin Readers! If you have any questions for Dr. Julia, feel free to write in the comments below.


Julia T. Hunter, M.D., is an internationally known dermatologist, and founder of Wholistic Dermatology in Beverly Hills, CA. Dr. Hunter’s scientifically and physiologically correct methodology addresses the body as a ‘whole’ – from the inside and out, optimizing skin and body health.

Dr. Julia T. Hunter, M.D., 9730 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 201, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, 310-247-8744, www.juliathuntermd.com


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