Get This Look For Mardi Gras

Parties, parades and masquerades!

It’s time for Mardi Gras again.

In with the Purple, Gold and Green,

Get this look – be the Mardi Gras Queen!

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Fat Tuesday marks the final day of the Carnival season. Your costumes and dresses in purple, gold and green are all ready with dollops of colorful beads, the mysterious mask and forget not- color and oomph filled eyes and lips!

Here is a quick, simple but awesome Mardi Gras look to recreate:

Start by washing your face, applying  foundation and primer to get an even toned face.

For your eyes

  • Apply a gold shadow, using a flat shadow-brush from the inner-corner of the eyelid to the middle. Dab a little around the corner of the eye and make a thin gold line about a quarter of the way on the lower lid.
  •  Blend-in a green shadow with the gold and fill out the rest of the eyelid tapering towards the outer corner of the eye.
  • Apply a purple shadow from the mid-base of your brow-bone until the corner of the eye and towards the end of your eyebrow. Blend-in the purple with the green and the gold.
  • Line the purple from the outer corner of your eye to halfway along your lower eyelid, blending with the gold line made earlier.
  • Add a highlight with a silver/white shadow just below your eyebrow and blend it into the colours below it with a soft brush.
  • Apply eyeliner over the eyelid and below the lower-lid, giving it a ‘wing’ at the outer corner. Use a kohl pencil to darken your water line.
  • Apply two thick coats of mascara in either black or deep purple (you can also opt for thick false lashes).
  • Finally decorate with stick-on diamante beads or get creative by making designs around the eyes.

For your lips

Deep purple, plum or wine lipstick shades are best for this masquerade look! However, for a more experimental and wacky look, you can try gold, green and purple foiled lipstick.

  • Foiling is a method where you liquefy your eye shadow using foiling medium, eye drops/ water. This technique gives your eye shadow a ‘paint-like’ consistency.
  • Blend in foiled gold, green and purple ‘paints’ to coat your lips.
  • Once the paint is completely dry, apply a thick coat of transparent, shimmery lip-gloss. Voila!

You are ready to be a hit at the Mardi Gras parade! Which one are you attending?


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