GUEST BLOG: A Man’s Guide to the Scarf

Some men claim they’re not a scarf kind of guy. Others may voice concerns that scarves aren’t manly enough. We’re here to tell you that if you’re not taking full advantage of the fashion and function of men’s scarves this winter, well then, my friend, you are missing out in both warmth and style. Scarves are an intelligent way to stay heated while adding a smart look to your wardrobe, and they’ve been a part of men’s apparel for thousands of years. In today’s culture, men’s scarves became popularized by World War aviators. The fighter pilots used them to regulate body heat during high altitude flights while preventing chafing when scanning for enemy planes. Sounds pretty manly to us. Follow this quick guide to men’s scarves to assist you in looking trendy and feeling comfortable this winter.

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Men’s Scarves for Function

A scarf’s primary purpose is to keep you warm. and for men, scarves should always be worn to serve their function first, and be hot (fashionably) second. A thin scarf that doesn’t protect from a chilly breeze is generally meant for women, primarily as a style piece.

Even having the warmest, most practical coat won’t always give you full protection from the elements. There’s usually some exposed area of your neck even after your jacket is fully zipped up. The scarf keeps your neck and upper torso warm and toasty when your top garments can’t.

Men’s Scarves for Fashion

Scarves are a chic way to dress in style and add a little flair to your outfit, without drawing an overt amount of attention to yourself. A unique, men’s custom scarf can give your winter wardrobe some pizzazz. A scarf can serve as an elegant cold-weather fashion accessory, providing you with something separating you from the average crowd.

What to Wear With a Scarf

A Jacket or Coat

Scarves will go with almost any kind of parka. From an overcoat or trench coat to that Pittsburg Steelers puff-down jacket you love, a men’s scarf can go nicely with them all, although, we think they pair particularly well with the former two.

Sweater, Pullover or Long Sleeved Shirt

A scarf can add a splash of style to your favorite plain, solid-colored sweater. It can be just the thing that you need for optimal warmth without putting on a giant overcoat.

A Blazer

If you find yourself wearing the same outfit to the office every day, often a scarf can spice up your daily appearance. Try swapping it out with a tie. You’ll still be percieved as professional while livening up your look.

Five ways to tie your scarf

The Drape

Wrap the scarf around your neck once and let the two ends hang down in front. Tuck the two ends in your overcoat to have it held tight and snug. For a reverse drape, again place the scarf over the back of your neck with the two ends hanging in front and fold them over opposite shoulders to giving you adequate protection.

The Wrap Around

This technique is just how it sounds. Simply wrap the scarf around your neck a couple of times and let the ends hang down in front.

The Front Knot

Wrap the scarf around your neck and tie it in a knot, letting one hang a little longer than the other. Position the longer end over the shorter end to emulate the look of a tie.

The European Knot

Fold the scarf in half, drape it around your neck, then pull the two ends through the opening and tighten it.

False Knot

Drape the scarf around your neck. Make a loose knot in one side, and slip the other end of the scarf through the opening in the knot and pull it snug. Now you’re toasty warm.

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GUEST BLOG: A Man’s Guide to the Scarf

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GUEST BLOG: A Man’s Guide to the Scarf

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