GUEST BLOG: How to Eat Healthier Without Even Noticing

There is a misconception that, in order to eat healthier, you have to change your entire diet, forgo the foods that you love so much, and spend ages trying to prepare healthy meals. We’ve gotten so used to quick and easy food preparation, using foods that are not good for us that we’ve forgotten how easy it is to add simple good food to our daily eating regime.

Eating healthier doesn’t have to be a tiresome job. In most cases, you can turn your eating habits around in ways that you won’t even notice once you get started.

Preparing and cooking your own meals

It’s so much healthier preparing and cooking your own meals. It means using foods that are fresher, no additives and you can prepare it just how you like it. You do need to make sure that what you are putting into your food is good for you though.

Let’s take breakfast for example, the most important meal of the day. Many people wake up and hit the ground running, having no time for breakfast. Having something healthy on the go, like a smoothie in the morning, can really help. Eating fruit and vegetables are an important part of eating healthy, and many people love their fruit and veg smoothies. Store bought smoothies tend to have more bad than good in them, usually having a huge chunk of carbohydrates in them. However, we can make that same mistake making them ourselves. Too many carbs means crashing later on or feeling hungry a couple of hours after that refreshing smoothie. By adding more protein to that smoothie, for example adding some Greek yogurt or nuts to the blend, you add protein that will keep you going for a lot longer.

Healthy meal delivery services

If you really don’t like to, or just don’t have the time to shop for and prepare healthier meals, you do have the option of using a meal delivery service, such as Hello Fresh, Blue Apron or Sunbasket. You choose the meals and they deliver all of the ingredients you will need, plus the recipe to put it all together. All ingredients are fresh and you can usually have your meal done in less than 30 minutes.

Planning is everything

Planning your meals and prepping them ahead of time will save you a lot of hassle when you come home from work, tired and hungry and just wanting to throw something in the oven. Most people will reach for a frozen dinner to pop in the microwave. However, having planned out your meals beforehand, you can pop a healthier “frozen” dinner into the oven. Planning also saves you money when you shop because you’re not buying things you don’t need or expensive ready meals. You can prep a meal and then pop it in the refrigerator or freezer where it will wait for you until you are ready to eat. Some people like to cook their meat or fish beforehand and freeze it. All they need to do is add seasoning or sauces, some fresh vegetables and a salad, and they have a healthy meal ready to go. You can do the same for lunches, snack foods and breakfast items.


Speaking of sauces, have you ever tried making your own condiments? Making your own mayonnaise for example, means less of the ingredients you don’t want, like sugars and stabilizers, and more of the stuff you do want. You can do the same for ketchup and mustard, relishes, sauces and even peanut butter!

Use that slow cooker

Slow cookers aren’t just for heavy meals and slow cooked ribs! You can make big batches of broths, soups and cooked vegetables, then divide them into portion sized containers to freeze. You’d be surprised at how many meals you can get out of a crock pot. Try cooking leaner meats and legumes, a veggie chilli or a healthier chicken curry.

Get creative with vegetables

You can actually make a meal out of a simple vegetable, like zucchini or cauliflower. Try slicing a zucchini in half and baking it in the oven, with a bit of seasoning and a sprinkling of cheese. Or use cauliflower as a substitute for those starchy mashed potatoes. They come out just as fluffy and taste really good. Have fussy kids? Mix some mashed cauliflower in with mashed potatoes to get some of that healthier stuff in them.


We all crave a snack now and again. If you tend to reach for the sweeter snacks, try replacing sugary ones with naturally sweet options, like dried fruits. You can use vanilla yogurt and strawberries to snack on, or make your own fruit smoothie popsicles.

If it something crispy you are after, why not bake some apple slices for a sweet but healthy treat? You can make these in batches and divide them into snack sized portions to take with you for lunch, or to pack in the kid’s lunch boxes.

Love your chocolate? Try dipping a banana or strawberries in chocolate for an indulgent treat that is also good for you. You don’t have to give up your guilty pleasures, just cut down on them. A few chocolate covered strawberries will fill you up faster than a whole bar of chocolate and be fewer calories. It’s a fun way to get your 5 a day!

Maybe you’re craving salty and savory snacks? Try making some zucchini chips, or shoe string sweet potato strips in the oven. You can make some roasted spicy chick peas instead of grabbing that bag of salted nuts too.

Why eating healthy is important

Having a healthy diet gives us more energy, helps keep our immune system stronger for fighting off illness, keeps us at a better weight, and builds us up from the inside out. The results are glowing skin, healthier hair and nails, stronger bones, and feeling more energetic. Healthier meals don’t feel as heavy and can be more easily digested, which can help those who suffer from digestive problems.

Eating probiotic foods helps keep the natural balance of good bacteria in our system, while doing away with harmful bacteria that can cause digestive issues or skin ailments, such as skin tags developing.

No one wants to feel run down all of the time. When we eat healthier it lifts our moods. A better mood means more energy and motivation to tackle those day to day things, like exercise, work and looking after yourself better.

Healthy foods can be used in a number of ways, not just for meals. You can make fresh home remedies for the skin and hair with fruits and vegetables, making moisturizing hair masks, brightening facial toners, and natural remedies for bites, burns and cuts.

It may take a bit of effort at the start, but once you know what it good for you and start planning your meals out, it will come as second nature rather than feeling like a big effort. So go on, be creative! Your body will thank you too!

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GUEST BLOG: How to Eat Healthier Without Even Noticing

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GUEST BLOG: How to Eat Healthier Without Even Noticing

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