GUEST BLOG: Plastic Surgery for Retirees – Get an Ageless Beauty

Did you know that a quarter of all plastic surgery is done on those aged over 55? So, if you’re retired and considering it, you’re certainly not alone. It seems the perfect time to get work done – without the stress of work, your recovery period will be much easier, and if you’ve got some savings it’ll make paying for the procedure that much easier.

But just what procedures are there? The common ones for retirees are:

Face Lifts

A face lift is generally designed to reduce sagging and creases, particular those below your eyes and around the chin area. It usually involves removing excess (the sagging) skin and rearranging it. This is one of the most popular procedures, and is best suited to those with a desire to create a youthful look.

Forehead Lifts

A forehead lift, or brow lift as it is sometimes known, focuses around the eyes – reducing creases, and wrinkle lines. This is less intensive than a full face lift, but has a similar effect, especially around the upper face.

Hair Transplants

A hair transplant is exactly what it sounds like – it involves removing some hair-bearing scalp from another point of your head, and filling in an area without. This is mostly used to target receding hairlines or bald patches.


Botox, while counted as cosmetic surgery, is one of the least surgical procedures on here! Rather than surgery, it’s a series of injections used to reduce the effect of facial wrinkles. It’s worth noting, however, that it does this by paralysing muscle activity, and will often reduce the amount of facial expressions you can have!


Before you start looking into these options in detail, it’s worth considering the risks. In order to have plastic surgery, you must be deemed in good health, so if you have an underlying issue like high blood pressure, a heart condition or other things that would affect your chances, then plastic surgery almost certainly isn’t for you. However, there are non-surgical options available via medical spa services. Botox is one of these, and things such as laser therapy, cryolipolysis, wrinkle fillers and chemical peels. If you’re in anyway concerned about potential health risks, we highly recommend taking these options instead – they may be slightly less effective, but with the massively lower risks and cost you can undertake them a couple of times over many years if needed.

Another thing to consider is why you want the surgery. Surgery should never be an impulse decision – if you’ve only been thinking of it for a month or so, give yourself some more time. If you find it’s the wake of a huge life event – a divorce, a funeral or similar, then again, spend some more time before you decide. Given that it is a medical procedure, it’s something you want to ensure you’re not doing lightly!

If you’ve considered the risks, and decided to go ahead with the surgery, it’s time to find a surgeon and clinic. Spend a lot of time researching, and don’t be afraid to have a few consultancy sessions to find the rR3ight one. You want someone who has a lot of retried customers – whilst a surgeon may be excellent at, say, breast augmentation, it doesn’t mean they’ll be equally great at face-lifts. Look for someone who specializes in the care of retirees. Having done this, be sure to ask as many questions as you need. They
should be honest with you about the limitations of the procedures, the risks, and the recovery period. Be aware that it is an expensive procedure, and it almost certainly won’t be covered by insurance.

Plastic surgery can’t magically make you young again, but it can help you with your confidence and happiness if age is getting you down. Just make sure you’re aware of what it can and can’t do, and approach it with realistic expectations. There’s no magic cure for age, after all, but a good bit of confidence can do wonders for making you an ageless beauty.

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GUEST BLOG: Plastic Surgery for Retirees – Get an Ageless Beauty

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GUEST BLOG: Plastic Surgery for Retirees – Get an Ageless Beauty

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