GUEST BLOG: Top 6 Fall Accessories For Stylish Men

They say that clothes don’t make the man, but it can certainly set them apart from boys. A man`s wardrobe is a reflection of his style and it can even put a stamp on his personality.
We are fortunate enough to live in an age where the market allows us to be more and more fashion-conscious and shift from purely functional accessories to the ones that are there to make us look and feel good! Sadly, there are still those that view the process of choosing stylish accessories as tedious and challenging. I sure hope you are not one of them, but even if you are, by the time you get to the end of this article, you will become an expert!

1. Watch

I`ve gotten to the point where I can`t function properly unless I have a watch strapped around my wrist! I don’t view it simply as a contraption which shows the correct time; my watch is a stylish timekeeper, and I would much rather invest money in the perfect one than buy several that are just OK!

What to look for in a watch? There are no universal tips when choosing a watch because you need to match it with your personal preference and style. Also, whether you are going with something subtle and classy or bulky and striking, make sure you are dealing with a reputable brand.

2. Leather Briefcase

A leather briefcase is a must have fall accessory for a busy, stylish man on the move. Ideally, you will want to pick one small enough for everyday office use, but at the same time large enough to fit a few pieces of clothes and personal hygiene products for an overnight trip.
If you don’t like mixing your office supply and personal hygiene products, you can get a toiletry bag and fit it in your briefcase.

3. Leather Shoes … And Shoe Shine!

Formal leather shoes are a preferred choice as they are comfortable enough for everyday use, long lasting and offer solid protection against rainy days of the fall.
And if you already have a few pairs of leather shoes, there is really no need to buy a new one; you can just get a cheap shoe shine and bring them back into their formal glory!


4. A Tie Combined With A Scarf

This is quite a powerful combination, yet I don`t see a lot of guys wearing it.
When choosing your tie, make sure it is richer in colors when compared to your shirt and just use common sense. If you are not certain of the color ask the shop assistant for advice, they will help you make the perfect choice (especially if you are in a high end shop).
Now, adding the scarf will make a bold statement of luxury, but keep in mind that this combination is not for everyone. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing it maybe it`s not for you, but if you are willing to try something new get a scarf with printed graphic patters and rock it!

5. Leather Card Case

A card case is more geared towards businessmen who are looking for a good replacement for their wallet. It is slimmer, takes up less space and it looks good.
If you prefer wearing a wallet, by all means go for it, but a card case will give you that touch of luxury a wallet simply can`t.


6. Belt
No men`s accessory list can be complete without a high quality leather belt. Generally, you will want to match the belt with your shoes, so a timeless black is the preferred choice for many men. Black color will also easily match with your suits. If you want to stand out and get noticed but don`t want to mix in any crazy colors, get a belt with a striking belt buckle.


About the author: Mark is a health enthusiast with a passion for beauty and style. If you are looking for more stylish accessories, you can check out his article on Leather Toiletry Bags!


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GUEST BLOG: Top 6 Fall Accessories For Stylish Men

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GUEST BLOG: Top 6 Fall Accessories For Stylish Men

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