GUEST POST: 8 Amazing Ways to Have a Salon worthy Manicure by Yourself

If you are a busy mom or a woman on a tight schedule, time may not be on your side to check in your local salon for a manicure. The good news is that you can pamper your nails at home and get a quality manicure—all by yourself. If you have the right tools at hand, a steady hand and some guidance, you can polish your nails perfectly. All you have to do is follow these key treatments to get the best out of it.

Getting Nail Clippers From A Manicure Set To Do Her Nails

Requirement Tools:

  • Nail clipper
  • Cotton swabs
  • Warm water
  • Honey
  • Olive oil
  • Nail polish remover
  • Cuticle stick
  • Nail file
  • Cuticle cream
  • Hand lotion
  • Nail buffer
  • Top coat polish
  • Base coat polish
  • Your favorite colored polish
  • Thoroughly Remove Old Polish

With the help of a polish remover and cotton swabs, carefully remove all the traces of your last color choice. Mix honey, olive oil and warm water in a shallow dish. Soak your fingers for about ten minutes in this mixture. Honey in this mixture has antibacterial properties and also softens and cleanses your fingers. On the other hand, olive oil moisturizes your dry nails as well as the cuticles.

  • Cleanse

With the help of a nail brush or nail file, get rid of dirt and other impurities that occur beneath your nails. If your nails are discolored (due to smoking), prepare a paste by mixing baking soda with hydrogen peroxide. Use this paste to massage your nail beds and let it stay for a few minutes before rinsing with water.

  • Massage

It may sound a little awkward to perform a massage on your fingers. However, it is one of the most important steps you shouldn’t skip if you want to give yourself a salon worth manicure at the comfort of your home. Massaging help to promote the flow of blood on the skin surface that surround your fingers. It is also a great way to relax your fingers as well as your hands. A perfect choice for massaging your fingers is by using effective moisturizer or lotion containing natural ingredients.

  • Special Care for Cuticles

Cuticles tend to be overlooked in most manicure routines, yet they play an important role in defining how our fingers look like. Using teaspoon of olive oil in combination with any other essential oil of your preferred choice, massage your cuticles and use a cuticle stick to push them back. This ensures that your cuticles become soft and don’t get in the way of your polish.

  • Trim

If you have long nails, use a nail clipper to trim them to your desired length. Only use a file to smooth the edges if they are at your desired length. Nail clippers are best to trim your thin fingernails because they set a concave edge. If you have wider fingernails, use manicure scissors and use a file for more finesse to trim your nails. Do not use other sharp tools like knives, or razorblades for trimming your nails as they can slip and injure your skin.

  • File

Take your nail file and work on your nails to bring out your desired length as well as the shape. It is important to ensure that filing gives you even nails for an enhanced and professional look. Look for emery board files because they are easy to use and are cheaper as well. To smooth and even out the edges of your nails, use a file with a grit of between 200 and 300 if you have natural nails. Alternatively, use glass files which are very effective but quite expensive. Don’t use metal files as they can tear your nails and cause peeling.

  • Polish

After filing, your nails will now be ready for polishing. Please note that nails that are perfectly polished can express your mood, match your outfit and reflect you personality. Although there are so many amazing colors to choose from, you should start by choosing a color that matches your outfit or your mood. Note that darker colors make your finger nails longer and should therefore be used when you want your fingernails appear long. Select a nail polish that is not too old as they are difficult to paint your nails with.  Polish in a well-lit-room, such as your study desk or kitchen table. Always remember to finish polishing with a clear top coat.

  • Take Time to Dry

One of the major challenges that render your home manicure less of a professional treatment is that you don’t give your fingers enough time to dry. You always rush to carry on with other chores which cause dings and smudges. For a salon worthy manicure at home, you should assign at least 15 minutes to ensure that everything has dried out. Don’t get involved in tasks that use your hands before this time elapses.

Filing Fingernails Ready For Nail Polish To Keep Beautiful


If you have never tried any salon worthy manicure treatments, it is the high time you give these eight guidelines at your home. You might not get a professional look after the first time, but your expertise will add up if you continue fine-tuning things. You may be surprised that you don’t visit a salon anymore for a manicure, yet you have fingernails that nearly every girl in your neighborhood is yearning for. No one is born a professional; but with practice, everything becomes perfect!


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GUEST POST: 8 Amazing Ways to Have a Salon worthy Manicure by Yourself

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GUEST POST: 8 Amazing Ways to Have a Salon worthy Manicure by Yourself

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