Guest Post: A Fantastic Moisturizing Overnight Routine

Healthy skin is a goal that everyone strives to achieve. The skin is the largest organ of the body and serves to protect it from injuries while also providing a beautiful cover. It’s safe to assume that, being this important, your skin does require regular maintenance in order to keep it beautiful and long lasting.


Is Moisturizing A Big Deal?

A healthy skin regimen always includes moisturizing. Regardless of skin type, you need some degree of it so your skin remains pliable and soft. Moisturizers also add another layer of protection to the skin while helping it to regenerate and fight disease, rashes or other problems. Underneath the skin, moisturizers help it stay resilient.

Nighttime Skincare

Sleep is a vital part of your body’s regenerative process. All organs turn to a state of rest when you sleep and skin is not an exception. Skin is exposed to many damaging factors throughout the day it. Some of them include sun, wind, dust, dirt, chemicals, smoke, and even some types of make-up/ cosmetics. An overnight skin care ritual can help your skin stay beautiful or regain its youth.


A Great Overnight Ritual Routine

Identify your skin type, in order to know which products will work on your skin. Here are some general skin types, but note that you may be a unique combination of several:

  • Dry: A tight feeling and flakes are two common traits for dry skin. There may also be redness, itchiness, bumps and smaller pores. Often, dry skin is a sign of dehydration or lack of proper nutrition, but sometimes it’s simply genetics.
  • Oily: The shiny look of oily skin is easy to spot. When you touch it, you notice oil or moisture. Oily skin typically has larger pores and tends to have more acne or blemishes.
  • Normal: A few lucky people have normal skin, which is smooth and has normal or small pores. Occasionally, even normal skin will get blemishes or a rash.
  • Combination: Around the face and on other parts of the body, your skin can vary. Elbows and knees e.g. may have dry skin, but the arms, neck, or parts of the face may be oily. Combination skin is common because parts of your body are exposed to the factors in different ways.
  • Sensitive: This skin type can react adversely to certain chemicals, oils or elements. Be cautious when choosing products, because a bad choice can bring swelling, rashes etc.
  • Cleansing: The first step in your overnight routine is cleansing, so select a safe cleanser for your skin type. Also, think about using an exfoliating wash, but only once or twice a week.
  • Inspect your skin: Get to know your skin by observing it in a bright light. Avoid picking or scratching because you can cause more damage or infect the area. Do not squeeze or pop blemishes!
  • Toners or astringents: Depending on skin type, you can opt to use a toner or astringent before moisturizing. This helps to deep clean the skin and open pores.
  • Rinse: Use a clean cloth and cool water to rinse your skin and prepare it for the moisturizer.
  • Moisturize: Obviously, the choice of overnight rinsing products is important. Some people use different moisturizers around the eyes to reduce fine lines or wrinkles, but that’s optional.

Moisturizing is in all ways good for you – it helps relax your skin at night, supports rejuvenation process and gives your skin the pampering it needs! Skin is really important for overall health and beauty, so treat it right with proper skin care!


Alana Jones is a passionate blogger and writer. She is obsessed with beauty and fashion and enjoys writing about beauty, makeup, and skincare tips.


Note:  All views expressed in this blog post are the personal opinions of the guest blogger. doesn’t favor any particular skincare brand or take advertising from any of them. Our scientific algorithm is entirely unbiased and based on your skin profile.
Guest Post: A Fantastic Moisturizing Overnight Routine

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Guest Post: A Fantastic Moisturizing Overnight Routine

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