GUEST POST: Tips to Take Care of Tanned Skin

Tanning makes you feel good and proud of yourself. Whether you resort to lying in the sun or go for an indoor tanning, UV rays remain dangerous to your skin. There is a common belief that the vitamin D found in UV rays is usually good for our skin but as you tan, your skin will lose moisture and that is the reason why caring for your skin after going through a tanning session is paramount. You are always advised to take recommendations suggested by the tanning bed manufacturer and also try looking other harmless methods to maintain a healthy look throughout the year. The following are some tips on how to take care of your tanned skin.

Tip 1: Drink Water

After the tanning session is over, you need to drink water directly irrespective of whether it was an in indoor tanning or an outdoor tanning. Remember, as you tan, your skin keeps loosing moisture until it starts feeling dry, perched and dizzy. This is because of the effects of dehydration the tanning process has had on your skin. Therefore, when you are going for your tanning whether it is indoor tanning to your salon or an outdoor tanning to the beach, ensure that you carry water which you should drink directly the moment the session is over.

Tip 2: Apply Moisturizer

It is also imperative that you carry a moisturizer when you go for your tanning. Applying a moisturizer after tanning your skin helps keeping it cool and replenishes the lost moisture. Therefore, once your tanning is over, apply the moisturizer on the tanned skin.

Tip 3: Take a Break

Ensure you give you skin time between the tanning periods. Remember that tanning can also cause your skin to damage hence raise the risk of skin cancer. Even though there are tanning salons that discourage waiting for too long between tannings since they fear fading of the tan but remember sometimes, your skin might have sustained a minor damage during the first tanning. Wait for at least one or two days before you decide to visit the salon or the beach again.

Tip 4: Apply Sunless Lotion

After your tanning is over, you should apply any type of “sunless tanning lotion” over the area that has been tanned in order maintain it darker for longer. Remember that sunless tanning products are manufactured using chemicals that darken the upper layer of the skin without the dangerous effects of UVB and UVA rays. Before you apply a sunless tanner, ensure that you first exfoliate the skin and gently apply it in strokes to ensure that you cover the largest area possible. However, if you find out that you have applied excess sunless tanner, you can make use of a depilatory cream to get rid of the color and try it again to achieve more ordinary look.

Tip 5: Take a shower

Take a shower whenever the tanning session is completely over. Ensure that you give your skin enough time to absorb the moisturizers from the tanning lotion. Heat from the shower is going to help in opening the pores on your skin and allow it to start bringing in the oxygen needed to make the tanning process effective.

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GUEST POST: Tips to Take Care of Tanned Skin

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GUEST POST: Tips to Take Care of Tanned Skin

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