GUEST POST: Veneers can create the same effect as a facelift – is that true?

What if a fixed smile could have the exact same effects as Botox? Nowadays, both men and women would do anything to defy the aging process. Who would have thought that perfect teeth can help your face look smoother and more elastic than ever before? The plastic surgery industry is expanding at an alarming pace, and it looks like the connection with cosmetic dentistry is becoming stronger and stronger. There’s an increasing trend materializing in the cosmetic beauty domain, and apparently non-invasive dental treatment could be used as an alternative to plastic surgery for those who want a facelift.


Even though it could be difficult for someone to understand the connection between veneers and cosmetic dental procedures and a facelift, plastic surgeons argue that the results will surprise many patients. Basically, you don’t just get beautiful teeth, but also a tighter skin.

We all want to have a timeless smile and an ageless complexion

It’s no secret that everyone wants to have the brightest smile for as long as possible. Sadly, as the skin ages it starts to lose natural elasticity and collagen. As for the teeth, the aging process causes them to wear down or shift; occasionally, they might even fall. Many people don’t know that our teeth help support part of our face. When they fall or are not positioned correctly, the support starts to collapse and the skin looks sagged, old and unappealing.

To combat this effect and give men and women a balanced complexion, aesthetic dentists have developed a new intervention called the “smile lift”. It involves changing the position of the teeth and increasing support in the upper lip. Generally speaking, our teeth are a foundation for our faces. For instance, someone with collapsing teeth can choose to inject a substance into the lip for fullness. A better alternative to having luscious lips is to treat the problem lying underneath – your teeth. By adjusting the positioning of the teeth, the natural aspect of the lips is revealed without having to turn to Botox.


An improved appearance

Whitening procedures are one way of reversing the effects of time on your teeth. Bringing back lost glow on a smile may have a great impact on your whole complexion. Tea, red wine, coffee and other alcoholic drinks are not good for the color of your teeth. A whiter smile immediately makes you look healthier too, and veneers are not just meant to give you that perfect smile; to some extent, they help preserve your skin in an ideal shape, thus offering the best anti-aging results.

Who can have the “smile lift procedure?

Even though cosmetic dental interventions can offer patients a functional, helpful way of fixing their smile, trying out the “smile lift” is not an intervention suitable for everyone. It involves using dental veneers, and these are bonded onto the teeth of the patient. To make the veneers fit on the teeth, the dentist will have to remove a lot of healthy outer material.

After the shaping procedure of the teeth, a contour is applied to make the dental veneers fit. The procedure can’t be reversed, which means you’ll have the “smile lift” for a lifetime. Not all patients can benefit from dental procedures such as whitening interventions though. If your teeth are not healthy, whitening them is useless, and might do more harm than good.


Teeth affect the overall structure of the face

As we age, the skin starts losing elastin and collagen. This leads to the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sagged skin. As for the teeth, they shift and might even fall if they’re not taken care of. People’s faces look better with teeth (picture a 90-year old with no teeth to have a clearer image), and the healthier they are, the higher contribution they bring to the complexion.

The “smile lift” changes the position of the teeth, thus providing more support for your face. The skin will look better, the lips will be fuller, and there will be no wrinkles visible in the mouth area. This is what both men and women want these days, a perfect smile with no cuticles forming when they open their mouths.

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GUEST POST: Veneers can create the same effect as a facelift – is that true?

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GUEST POST: Veneers can create the same effect as a facelift – is that true?

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