Guest post: Why You Should Use Vitamin C Serums

Did you know that Vitamin C serums can protect your skin and even reverse the signs of aging? One of the hottest skincare products on today’s market utilizes nature’s very own vitamins in order to minimize lines, increase collagen production and enhance the skin’s protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays.


Let’s take a look at why you should consider adding a Vitamin C serum to your skincare regimen:

Scientifically Proven To Be Effective

Many skincare products make all sorts of wild claims to make you look decades younger without having any proof to back it up. Unlike the other products, the effectiveness of Vitamin C has been studied clinically and documented in various studies. A study at Duke University demonstrated that when combined with vitamin E and ferulic acid, vitamin C increases the skin’s natural protection against the sun by as much as eight times. This is very encouraging since sun exposure is the leading cause of increased lines and wrinkles.

Another clinical study resulted in noticeable reduction in fine lines and improved fine lines and reduced hyperpigmentation in participants who used a Vitamin C serum. When selecting a product to include in your skincare regimen, it’s important to use products or ingredients that have been proven effective in a clinical setting in order to save your hard earned moolah!

Prevent & Protect Your Skin

The best use for a Vitamin C serum is to apply it in the morning underneath your sunscreen in order to enhance its protection. Prolonged exposure to sun rays can lead to an increase in wrinkles, fine lines and discoloration. A Vitamin C serum will also protect your skin against free radicals and pollutants in order to keep your skin healthy.

Ingredients That Work Beautifully Together 

Vitamin C serums often combine l-ascorbic acid with other powerful antioxidants in order to maximize its potential. One substance that is often used in many popular serums is ferulic acid. This substance has been proven to reduce oxidative stress when combined with ascorbic acid and vitamin E.  Another ingredient that is used in many serums is hyaluronic acid; this hydrating base has the ability to hold 1000 times its weight in water making it ideal for dry skin.

Topically applied, Vitamin C also has the ability to increase collagen production which is vital for youthful and healthier looking skin. Younger skin naturally has more collagen but levels natural decrease as we age and get older. Vitamin C can increase your natural collagen production resulting in firmer and more radiant looking skin.

Vitamin C Serums won’t make you look 10 years younger overnight by any means, but it can be a very powerful tool when used as part of a comprehensive skincare regimen including proper exfoliation, sunscreen protection and plenty of fluids and a healthy diet.

Author Bio:

Jacqueline Cao is skin care product addict who writes regularly for Best Vit C Serum; a vitamin c serum review site with information about the latest skin care products and anti-aging products.

Note:  All views expressed in this blog post are the personal opinions of the guest blogger. doesn’t favor any particular skincare brand or take advertising from any of them. Our scientific algorithm is entirely unbiased and based on your skin profile.

Guest post: Why You Should Use Vitamin C Serums

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Guest post: Why You Should Use Vitamin C Serums

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