GUEST POST: Your Skin Is Screaming for Water – Signs of Dehydration

Thirst, dryness, fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet are some of the symptoms of dehydration or lack of water in your body. Dehydration occurs mostly in summer, due to excess sweating and less water intake. Being dehydrated changes the appearance of the skin—it may appear flushed, dry and older looking.


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Dehydration is mostly caused by a hot, dry climate, not drinking enough water, prolonged exposure to sun, poor skin hygiene, air conditioning, harsh soaps etc. Your skin naturally loses up to half a pint of water every day, which means it constantly needs replenishing. It’s essential to seal moisture directly into your skin to keep it healthy and well-hydrated. Hopefully, you don’t reach the last stage of dehydration and pass off in the middle of the road, so know these signs to identify your level of dehydration.

Fine lines

One of the first signs of dehydration is development of fine lines mainly on forehead, around the eyes, mouth and on cheekbones. In older age, it may also result in deep wrinkles. Due to lack of moisture inside, the signs start appearing outside. Dehydrated skin is different from dry skin. Dry skin is skin that lacks enough oil. Dehydrated skin is the skin that does not have enough moisture.  Both can be a temporary or sometimes lifelong condition. You can combat this problem by using an anti-aging cream for wrinkles and fine lines. Along with removing wrinkles and signs of aging, it even moisturizes your face making it look fresh and rejuvenated.

Sensitive skin

It isn’t a medical condition, but dehydration certainly carries with it some uncomfortable side effects. Sensitivity is one of them. The skin becomes quite resistant to most of the environmental skin conditions and many skin products as well. It leads to self-consciousness and sun is the enemy of sensitive skin.  No matter what happens, it’s best to treat dehydrated skin as soon as possible to avoid the symptoms from worsening and making you look older.

Dry skin

Not only people who are really sweaty get dehydrated, but almost all of us face this problem in the summer and winter too. As you go through various stages of dehydration, you become very dizzy and you don’t have enough blood volume so you get very dry skin. Since, the skin is dry and not evaporating very well, you can also experience skin flushing.

Never misinterpret dehydration for it happens only in the winter, the symptoms may be milder or come slower but suffering from dehydration is also common in cold weather.


A very common sign of dehydration is extreme itching, which can even become painful. Due to itching, the skin becomes dry and flaky. Initially, you may feel a light itching in your most dry areas like arms and lower legs. Don’t mix dehydration related itching with normal itching, identify the reason for constant itching by consulting your doctor. It may also lead to rough skin texture.

Fever and chills

It might sound unreasonable, but if you are extremely dehydrated you may experience symptoms like fever or even chills. This symptom is specifically dangerous, so make sure to seek immediate medical help if your fever rises over 101 degrees.

Dehydration may have different symptoms in different people—skin problems are one of them. Other signs of dehydration lead to bad breath, muscle cramps and sweet food cravings. No matter, how it is, as soon as you see any of the above signs, consult your doctor and seek medication.

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GUEST POST: Your Skin Is Screaming for Water – Signs of Dehydration

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GUEST POST: Your Skin Is Screaming for Water – Signs of Dehydration

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