Interview With Dr. Z. Paul Lorenc, Plastic Surgeon, NYC

It was a pleasure talking to Dr. Lorenc at the recently held Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and anti-aging medicine media breakfast. Since establishing his Park Avenue practice in 1989 in New York, board certified aesthetic plastic surgeon Z. Paul Lorenc MD, FACS (pronounced “Lawrence”) has specialized in facial rejuvenation, breast enhancement and body contouring. He chose aesthetic plastic surgery as his medical specialty because it offers the ideal medical venue for combining his scientific expertise with an acute aesthetic sense of composition and proportion.

Here is a quick round-up of our Q&A:

mySkin: What is the typical age of your customers?

Dr. Lorenc: In their 20s. For teens, procedures such as otoplasty and rhinoplasty are common. For facelift, age range is 65 to 70. I recommend women do facelifts in their mid 40s for best results, which also last longer. I also use a lot of non-surgical modalities, so a second facelift is unlikely.

mySkin: How do you typically take care of the needs/requests of your customers and differentiate?

Dr. Lorenc: Personalized SkinFit program pre-and post-procedure, including Hydrafacial with anti-oxidants, Pelleve to make skin more pliable, Laser genesis to stimulate collagen etc. before the facelift and then appropriate procedures after the facelift. These procedures integrate really well into the surgical practice.

I educate them about the procedures during the consultation. Customers are usually pretty savvy and have done research beforehand so they have lots of questions. An educated person is a benefit with reason. I also tell them what I can and cannot do, because at least 1-2% of those I see have strange requests. We sell skincare products which are prescription based. I have support staff that works perfectly well with me and that is very important from a service perspective as well as from functioning perfectly as a team.

mySkin: How many men vs. women is typical for your practice?

Dr. Lorenc: 91% women


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