mySkin Talking To Milly- The Dynamic Woman Behind Beauty Logic Blog

The day began as any other! I was busy tweeting with Brown Bombshell on beauty concerns for women of color when she introduced me to Milly, editor-in-chief of Beauty Logic blog. With both apprehension and anticipation, I connected with Milly…and guess what- she responded immediately! Both these girls are blogging thoroughbreds!

Milly and my beauty talks began 🙂

Sheetal: When I say Milly- Who, What and How is this girl? What was your inspiration to start Beauty logic blog?

Milly: I’m just a girl who loves all things beauty.  I love sharing my Dominican beauty secrets on the site and of course talking makeup.  I learned a long time ago how powerful makeup was, and ever since then I just loved it. I know people who once they started wearing makeup, their whole lives changed. They began feeling better about themselves and because of that their lives improved dramatically.  In real life, I’m always giving advice to my girls, so I decided to start my life advice column on my site too.  My inspiration to start beautylogic was reading other blogs. I loved the opinions of girls just like me. I highly rec anyone start a blog if they are passionate about something. I always say my blog is one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Sheetal: Which 2 major skin concerns do Hispanics face? Can you share few quick tips on how to deal with them.

Milly: Hyperpigmentation is a huge issue amongst many hispanics and pretty much any person of color. Best way to deal is exfoliation and sunscreen. Sunscreen will prevent those pesky marks from getting darker. I also have used Vitamin C serum’s on my skin and have noticed my dark marks do go away faster.  Many hispanic women I know are concerned with aging skin, as long as you’re moisturizing regularly, using sunscreen, and massaging your face , don’t worry. Because worry will give you wrinkles! 🙂

Sheetal: What should Latino or brown ethnicity women remember while playing around with makeup- any tips to share?

Milly: I always say there are no rules when it comes to makeup. Do what you feel looks good, and if you must follow beauty trends, just remember to make the trend your own.

Sheetal: I’ve heard that Hispanic skin needs special ingredients and different skincare products- is it true?

Milly: I’ve never heard this.

Sheetal: For Hispanic heritage month- name  3 Hispanic persons who have changed the face of beauty, skincare and fashion. Why do you think these people have made a difference for the community?

Milly: Jennifer Lopez-she’s probably made the biggest difference in fashion and beauty. She basically changed Hollywood’s perception of beauty and made Hollywood realize that curves are beautiful. She is/was a power woman who worked her ass off to get to where she is today.  Salma hayek-a huge innovator too. I had the pleasure of meeting her, and I was so impressed with what a beautiful person she is.  Her new product line was inspired by her abuela (grandmother). It has some amazing ingredients native to her country and are very high quality and is extremely affordable. Salma told me beauty should be a right not a luxury. I adore her. Sofia Vergara, I love her new commercial for her Kmart line. She shows women of all sizes, and tells them to embrace their sexiness. I love that.  Plus I just love the show Modern Family.

Sheetal: What do you think of What do you like about the site?

Milly: I think your site is great. I have no issues at all with your site, and I love the blog portion as well which allows you to connect with your customers.

I couldn’t have thought of any one else but Beauty logic to share her genuine expertise for helping us make better skincare decisions. Thanks Milly for this wonderful interview and making our Hispanic Heritage Month a great success- Cheers!


Beauty Logic Blog: Milly is a beauty product lover, a tv beauty correspondent, a wife, mother, a daughter, a little sister, dreamer, a friend, a motivator, an ambitious girl who believes that anything is possible as long as you believe. Contact her at


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mySkin Talking To Milly- The Dynamic Woman Behind Beauty Logic Blog

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mySkin Talking To Milly- The Dynamic Woman Behind Beauty Logic Blog

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