mySkin Talking To Personal Shopper And Stylist, Debbi

I’ve been tracking Debbi’s blog posts on for a while now; her work, her stories and her pictorial representation of things beautiful has always held me in  awe! I’ve always wanted to know more of her, her passions, her commitments and she as a ‘complete’ person. So, it was a ‘leap in  the air’ moment when Debbi agreed on an interview with me:)

Sheetal: How would you describe yourself in 3 words? What was your inspiration in becoming a beauty and fashion blogger?

Debbi: Fun, elegant, brave! Now do you want three bad ones? I am the ultimate “Girls Girl”.  I have always enjoyed sharing my great beauty finds with my family and friends. Before I became a beauty blogger, I would share my tips in blast emails and would bring my beauty finds to my monthly book club!

Sheetal: Which skincare routine step do you think is the most important? Why?

Debbi: I think thorough cleansing is the most important skincare tip.  Now that I have started using it, I would never want to be without my Clarisonic Mia.  Products work more efficaciously on clean skin—no doubt about it.

Sheetal: What is your ‘go to’ skincare tip for persons to look great when going through radiation/ chemotherapy?

Debbi: I can’t speak about skincare for anyone going through chemotherapy. That advice is best had coming from an Oncologist.  I can, however, recommend Elite Premiere Creme Clinical Skin Therapy for women going through radiation.  It was developed for that purpose by Board-Certified Radiation Oncologist Dr. Kevin L. Schewe.  It can also heal skin post treatment, even many years later.

Sheetal: How should women take care of their skin in the 40s and 50s?

Debbi: Women in their 40’s and 50’s have got to be vigilent! Avoid over exposure to the sun, use SPF 30 or higher daily, ( and never forget your hands),  glycolic pads are a must several times a week as well as a pea size amount of Retin-A 2-3 times per week.  It’s crucially important to cleanse well, use a serum twice daily and a firming eye and night cream with plenty of anti-oxidants. I treat my neck and decollete with plenty of TLC too.

Sheetal: What do you think of

Debbi: is a fabulous tool.  It helps women to edit the overwhelming amount of product choices and tailor a regimen that works for their skincare needs, eliminating the guess work and costly mistakes.  It’s a winner!

Thanks for your time, Debbi 🙂


Debbi OShea has been writing her Beauty and Fashion Blog DivaDebbi since 2008.  It is published by both TotalBeauty and Glam Media.  She recently launched a second blog, Forty Four Forever. Debbi is the Brand Amabassador for La Peau Skincare, a Swiss brand that she is devoted to.  Professionally, Debbi has been a Personal Shopper and Stylist for the last 20 years.  She is a Polyvore addict and in her spare time (which is non-existent), she enjoys creating fashion sets to sharpen her eye and stay ahead of the trends (


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mySkin Talking To Personal Shopper And Stylist, Debbi

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