Products To Avoid In Your Beauty Routine

Many people try and replicate the beauty routines of their friends, families and loved ones. However, the complicated facts of skin types, beauty products and non-specific advice everywhere we look makes this trial-and-error process far from optimal; if you just try and use what your friend or sister uses, you might just end up with products that don’t work for you at all.

So, if you thought this blog post is a simple list of things you should avoid…it is true, but with some guidelines for specific skin types and issues.
Here’s a list of which products to avoid:

If your skin is oily… don’t use heavy moisturizers for dry skin! They contain ingredients like almond oil and are thicker than your skin wants them to be. Use lighter moisturizers made for oily skin.

If your skin is dry… avoid using soap for cleansing! It’s generally not good to cleanse with face soaps, since they can do damage to your skin, but this is particularly important for dry skin. Soaps will dehydrate the skin even more, so opt for a gel or foam cleanser.

If your skin is sensitive… avoid using heavy products! When you have sensitive skin, every product you try out is a lottery. Try figuring out which ingredients your skin reacts bad to and then eliminate them from your routine!

If you’re under 25… avoid using foundation! Foundations, especially professional ones, are a heavy piece of makeup that is very practical and useful, but also very harsh on the skin. Using foundation needs to be counteracted with proper and solid beauty routines such as cleansing, using good moisturizers etc. since foundations tend to clog pores. If you’re under 25, use lighter BB creams that also have good coverage but clog your skin less.

If you’re in a sunny area… avoid using Vitamin C based creams! AHA or Alpha-Hydroxy Acids are ingredients in beauty products that can help many skincare issues – they can help remove dark spots, for example. However, they shouldn’t be used during summer, when you’re exposed to sunlight.

In any case… don’t use peels and scrubs that are super-cheap! We know this sounds like you should splurge on a fancy product, but that’s not the case. Very cheap scrubs usually contain tiny plastic parts – those are what you scrub with. Those tiny plastic pieces end up in your drain and eventually, after a short journey, in the ocean. And there, well, they have a very negative effect on water quality and fish population. So try and purchase a natural scrub with almonds or make your own with sugar!

Do you have any list of products we shouldn’t use? If you do, send us your suggestions and we’ll gladly add them to the list!

Products To Avoid In Your Beauty Routine

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Products To Avoid In Your Beauty Routine

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