Tete-a-tete with Tayelor Kennedy


mySkin has an opportunity to talk to Tayelor Kennedy on all things beauty and skincare. Here is what we spoke and deliberated on:

Holly- Can you tell us a little bit of yourself to start with?

Tayelor- I’ve been an esthetician and makeup artist. I’m also a wellness trainer and been involved with the makeup and skincare industry for about 15 years- pretty much a long time, I should say.

Holly- What’s been your inspiration to start a career in beauty?

Tayelor- Actually, it started right at home watching my Mom get ready for a night out and also she started me on a skincare routine at quite a young age. I must be around 10 years where she taught us cleansing, toning and importance of moisturizing. Also when stepping out in the sun a hat and sunscreen was a must! She was always into skincare and body care. Also a lot into exercising and stuff like that. Now, I enjoy and love all this.

Holly- What are the factors that determine skin health?

Tayelor- You can tell you have healthy skin by its clarity; it looks bright and not dull, does not have blemishes and splotches etc. Does not have acne marks. Healthy skin has a good tone and glow to it even when you are not wearing makeup. It just feels nice and looks good.

Holly- What’s your action plan in combating acne and other skin issues?

Tayelor- It’s important that you eat right. Diet is very important along with adequate exercise. You need to sweat out and get rid of all the built-up toxins in your body. Exfoliation is important and necessary-especially as you get older. The skin now produces less of collagen, the sebum coming out is less and you really need to remove that top layer. With exfoliation also use serums and moisturizers. As part of your facial skincare don’t forget to concentrate on your neck and décolletage- its all one package!

Holly- Is it true that you can’t get rid of dark circles?

Tayelor- You usually can’t get rid of your under eye dark circles but you could use a good concealer for a cover up. Many a times it’s a dietary issue, so do look into your food and eating habits. Continuous intake of anti-oxidant, vitamins is recommended.

Holly- Women are mostly concerned of their eye area, the wrinkles around them, the dark circles etc. So, all the eye creams and anti-aging products-Are they all hype?

Tayelor- No, they really do work. I would say pick the best one your money can afford. For the eye area you need to get something lighter, not very heavy. A gel or a serum works well- something that gets absorbed into the skin real fast. Also a serum gives a nice lift to the eyes in the morning. It reduces eye puffiness when you wake up especially in the summers.

Holly- Can you use a facial moisturizer as an eye cream?

Tayelor- I would say not, as they are a little on the heavier side. There are some that come as lotions and are lighter but I would go for a special eye cream that is made lighter and absorbs faster. Also eye creams have special firming ingredients that the rest of the face may not need.

Holly- How do you choose an eye cream and how do you know what works for you?

Tayelor- Definitely go by what your skin is like. If you have dry or mature skin you may need a creamier, slightly heavier product. Gels and serums which sink in fast work well for combination skin. Take some of the eye product and dab it all around the eye with your ring finger, slightly massaging it. Walk into a store and test the product that suits your skin type. Testers in stores can be tested on your hand or you could get samples to try out. Trial n’ error is needed to some extent to hit on the correct product.

Holly- I guess, this was before mySkin.com happened. What do feel of the site?

Tayelor- It’s an awesome site. It’s like you have a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon right in front of you without you sitting in their high priced offices! Great site.

Holly- Body skincare is as important as facial skincare. What are the five routine steps you would follow to have great body skin?

Tayelor- Definitely, exercising to tone up the skin, tighten it and firm it. Any form of exercise is good, to combat the cellulite. Even a brisk walk for 30-40 minutes a day is great. Body exfoliation is a must too. I like to use my facial serums for body tightening and firming too. I’ve been using one all summer and it’s given my body skin a great feel. I would say go for a body massage at least once in a month to remove all the toxic built up and reduce the cellulite etc. A body wrap is good too. If you can’t go to the spa for hydrotherapy, create one at home; add 10 odd drops of clear sage essential oil, a cup of dead Sea salt or regular salt to your bath, enjoy this bath for 15-20 mins. – You’ll come out feeling great with soft skin. Also, your house smells nice. I would say it comes down to taking care of your body, eating right, a good diet, exercise and using the right kind of products like the ones you see on mySkin.com. I liked the way everything comes up in front of you on the site. I like it. It’s fun and nice. I found everything there. I also learnt a lot of things from other members on the site.

Holly- Thanks. Getting back to anti-aging, what are the newest technologies in anti-aging products?

Tayelor- Right now, stem cell technology is good. These cells are either from human tissues or apples. There are companies that have products with stem cell bases. I’ve been hearing and reading that Michelle Obama uses products that have stem cells in it. That could be the reason for her having such great skin. Currently, stem cell tech. is big. You must try it. I’ve used a product called ‘stem cell pearls’ which uses a rare apple that comes from Switzerland. The products are real nice- they have an exfoliator, a serum and a moisturizer with SPF 25. Sunscreen is absolutely essential to combat anti-aging, sunspots etc.

Holly- We see a lot of products that combine beauty and skincare functions together, like you have a sunscreen and a moisturizer together or a sheer foundation with anti-aging functions etc. Is that the trend and what do you think about it?

Tayelor- With women managing a family, career, jobs and businesses, these multifunctional products are good. I personally like to use separate products, but I’m known to use a tinted moisturizer once in a while. I need to just apply it in when I’m getting back from the gym or the yoga studio or work. So, if you want quick application and are a woman on the move, of course go for these.

Holly- I hear that you’re writing a book. Tell us more about it.

Tayelor- Yes, I’m writing a book on Beauty and Wellness. It’s about how to keep looking young for as long as you can from the inside out. Look for it around October, 2010.

Holly- Of course! Thanks, Tayelor for being interviewed by mySkin.com and it’s been great fun talking to you.

Tayelor- Thanks very much for having me here, it was great!