Unbiased Skincare: From mySkin.com to OKU

mySkin, Inc. has always been driven by the idea of improving the universe of skincare and empowering the consumer to make informed skincare choices.

Skin is the largest organ in our bodies and yet, the vast majority of people choose their regimens, specialists and products based on pure guesswork! Back in 2007, our founders understood this as a problem just begging to be solved by new, groundbreaking technologies in the skincare domain.


We first started with mySkin.com, the world’s largest social skincare platform, where a huge community of over 80,000 skincare lovers discusses their skincare problems, needs and questions. Our Skintwins concept made it possible for every user to do a skin assessment and be matched with other users who have similar skin as they do. That way, you’re talking to someone whose skin is like yours and the advice you get is much more likely to work, whether it’s about products, routines or skincare problems. You can follow the Routines of your Skintwins and other friends and see the sets of products and actions they follow daily.

You can have your own virtual product shelf where you keep track of all your products, review them and ask the community for opinion. The thing that differentiates mySkin.com from other similar websites (apart from the fact we were the first ones doing such an amazing thing! :)) is that all of this is completely unbiased. What does unbiased mean? Well, it means that while you can find more than 150+ skin care products from different brands on our website, we never endorse or push specific skincare brands. All the recommendations are based on our proprietary JustLikeMe algorithms based on the reviews and shelves of your peers and your Skintwins.

Touch-Screen w Imager

In the meantime, our super smart engineers and scientists were busy churning away on our skincare diagnostic platform. Our next step was inventing a way to simplify the science of understanding skin and making it easier for estheticians and beauty advisors to offer credible skin diagnosis and consultations to their clients. So we created the dermograph™, the world’s first transdermal skin consultation system for beauty advisors. The dermograph™ helps customers achieve their skincare goals by analyzing the skin and guiding them to the best products/treatments.

It also helps estheticians engage with their clients better and offer a state-of-the-art technology in their salons and spas. The dermograph™ technology is based on the sciences of dermoscopy, spectroscopy, and nanotechnology, enclosed in a simple and easy-to-use design. The dermograph™ has been wildly successful and is now being used in Europe, Asia, North America and Australia! – and at the same time we were toying with the idea of going even further to bring new skincare technologies to the hands of the consumer. That’s how the idea of OKU was conceived.


OKU is the world’s first iPhone connected anti-aging device and app designed specifically to help you get your skin into its best shape. It’s also super simple to use: Connect OKU to your iPhone, download the app, answer a few simple questions to get started, scan your skin (as often as you like) and get real-time, personalized skincare advice to help your skin achieve its optimal youthful potential. With OKU, we condensed all our knowledge, research and data to bring you a tiny powerhouse device and app which empowers you to make crucial skincare decisions.

Our first application is in the realm of anti-aging and we’ll soon develop solutions for acne, sun protection and so on.
All our products have one thing in common: they’re made with the desire to improve the confusing world of skincare. We’re passionately striving to make the skincare universe a place where clear understanding and actionable, unbiased advice can empower both consumers and professionals, so they can together take the best possible care of how skin feels and behaves. So here’s to unbiased skincare!

Unbiased Skincare: From mySkin.com to OKU

OKU Availability Update

Unbiased Skincare: From mySkin.com to OKU

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