10 Golden Nuggets On How To Look Beautiful When Sick


Getting sick is certainly the most frustrating thing in one’s life. All the more irritating when you need to step out and look your best. You may be looking awful with cold sores; redness and puffy eyes, but here are some tricks which may help you look attractive.

Presenting the 10 golden nuggets on how to look beautiful when sick:

1. Drink water: Sickness may cause a little bit of dehydration in your body, which may also show up in your skin. Such dryness may ruin your appearance and make you seem sicker. Beauty experts suggest drinking lots of water so that you remain hydrated at all times.

2. Remove eye puffiness: Eye puffiness is very common during sickness. To get rid of baggy eyes, place two cold tea bags over your eyes and let it stay for 10-15 minutes. You will find a reduction in the puffiness of your eyes and look cheerful.

3. Lubricate your eyes: If you have redness in your eyes, you may cool down and soothe them using eye drops. It will help lubricate the eyes and instantly minimize the bloodshot look. While applying an eye cream on your eyelids, refrigerate it so that it refreshes your eyes and also reduce puffiness.

4. Skip the traditional face powder: If your skin is getting dry due to sickness, using a traditional face powder is a big no. It may cause more dryness and make your skin look slightly flaky. Instead, infuse a mineral foundation with your moisturizer and spread it evenly on your skin. This will conceal all the unwanted spots without drying out your skin.

5. Moisturize your lips: Dry lips may show up unexpectedly on sick days. It is essential to keep your lips moisturized with a good quality lip balm. While stepping out of your home, apply a rosy tinted lip balm or lip gloss to look fresh and beautiful.

6. Dab some cream-based blush: Use a cream-based blush to dab on your cheeks and forehead to get a spanking new look. Avoid using blush on your nose if you have redness in that area. Using a powder based blush may make your skin cakey and spoil your looks.

7. Use primers: Using primers is one of the best make-up tricks when you are sick. It helps your make-up stay for longer even if you sneeze, rub or blow your nose. An eye primer and lip primer may help in locking your eye and lip make-up, especially if you need to stay out for longer hours.

8. Invest in the right tissue: Since you are sick, you will need to blow your nose often. Using a tissue treated with moisturizing lotion will help in reducing redness and dryness from the area.

9. Keep eye make-up natural: A perfect eye make-up is extremely essential when you are sick. Use gold creamy, pale or shimmering eye shadows to open up the eyes and brighten them. This will hide the puffiness and any redness around your eyes caused due to sickness.

10. Try aromatherapy: Aromatherapy may work wonders to make you look beautiful when sick. You may add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oils in 6 cups of hot water. Place your face over the steam coming out of the water and wrap a towel around your head so that the steam cannot escape. The goodness of eucalyptus oil will help in easing cold symptoms while the steam will reduce skin dryness.


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