10 Tips To Say Goodbye To Your Summer Skin Woes

Summertime is great for wearing lightweight clothes and feeling free. However, the excessive dust and heat also brings with it a lot of skin woes and allergies. These lead to frequent breakouts and acne and can leave your skin with unseemly spots and scars. However, keeping these skin troubles at bay isn’t rocket science and you can follow these tips to keep your skin trouble free.

Switch to summer products: The worst possible mistake you can make with your skin during the summertime is to continue using your winter products in this season. Your skin’s need for moisture is a lot less in summer and products that promote intense hydration can lead to a buildup of oil in your pores. The dust in the atmosphere also clogs pores and leads to an accumulation of grime. This leads to breakouts. The simplest way to avoid these is to use summer specific products.

Keep a few different types of products around: If your skin is prone to breakouts in the summer, the best thing you can do is to keep a bunch of products around. This line up should include products that prevent acne, treat acne, fight post-acne redness and scars and ones that you use when your skin is trouble free. Having these around would help you fight breakouts as soon as they occur.

Wash your face often: Washing your face often during summer helps keep your skin fresh and free from excessive oil and dust. Make it a habit to cleanse tone and moisturize your face every two hours during the day and roughly every three hours in the evenings. Be careful, don’t over wash! Excessive washing can cause breakouts.

Astringent vs. regular toners: Your regular toner might not be enough to keep excessive oil at bay during the warm months. This means that for your T-zone, you might need a stronger toner or astringent to prevent blackhead and acne from popping up. If you have combination skin, you would need to use both a regular toner as well as an astringent to keep skin refreshed.

Keep cooling and oil absorbing face packs handy: Face packs that have cooling ingredients and ones that help balance the production of oil in the skin are a must for the summertime. Look out for products with tee tree oil as these are best for cooling the skin down while removing excess oil on the skin.

Use a damp tissue after moisturizing: Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to ditch your moisturizer during the summer. However, these low-intensity moisturizers can appear sticky after application which is why you should keep a damp tissue handy and use it to pat down your face post-application to remove excess product from your face.

Use compacts: Compact powders are very handy at absorbing excessive moisture buildup on the face. These help keep your face refreshed between washes and prevent sheen from ruining your look.

Keep hair away from your face: Keeping your hair loose and flirty through the summer may seem natural but not many people know that loose hair falling on the face is a leading cause of skin breakouts. This is because most women need to use moisture boosting products and anti-frizz sprays on their hair through the summer. When these products come in contact with sensitive skin, it leads to breakouts. Keep your hair tied up in a neat pony tail or simply use hair clips to keep hair away from the face when you leave your hair loose.

Do not touch sensitive skin or breakouts with your hands: If you feel like you have a zit coming out or if your skin feels irritated, you should not touch it with your fingertips. Use a damp tissue or a cotton ball soaked with toning product to examine or press against the sensitive skin as the oil on your fingertips could aggregate skin sensitivity and lead to breakouts and acne.

Stay sun safe: Sunscreens are a must have for the summer. Choose a sunscreen that is suited to your skin tone, complexion and the kind of time you spend in the sun. You could even whip up your DIY sun screen! A high intensity sun block is not suited for indoor use and your regular day cream with 10-15 SPF would not protect you on a trip to the beach.

Happy Summers 🙂


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