10 Ways To Protect Winter Skin

In wake of nor’easter and waking up to inches of snow, a winter skincare post in early November is called for! Your skin needs to be ready to FACE AND WIN against the chill, the winds, the snow, the dryness, the flakiness, the itchiness and lots more…

Here are some basics of protecting your skin in these winter months from our guest blogger, Catherine:

Alcohol- free soap: Use soaps that do not contain alcohol for the entire body. It is always good to moisturize the body immediately after washing your face and taking a shower. Castor oil, avocado, sesame and olive oils are excellent for maintaining moisture in the skin. Soaps containing alcohol can dry out the skin even more and are particularly harsh on dry or sensitive skin.

Drink lots of water: Next, your intake of water is always important during any season. Water helps to cleanse the system of a lot of impurities and it keeps the body moisturized from the inside out. Water keeps our bodies hydrated and has so many other health benefits. It is recommended for men to drink 3 liters of water per day and for women to drink 2.2 liters of water per day.

Have a healthy diet: Watching your diet is most beneficial for the care of our skin. Putting the right foods into our system is very important. Sugary foods that have no nutrients causes the internal organs to overwork and will bring on premature aging as well as breakdown the elasticity of the skin. Stick to fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and fish.

Go easy on the hard stuff: Alcoholic beverages should be kept to a minimum, especially in winter months. Cold air and alcohol gives you that double duty punch. The cold air dries the skin from the outside and the alcohol is like a sponge going through the inside of your body zapping out all of the moisture.

Ditch the lipstick for balm: Use of lip balms will keep the lips from becoming chapped and cracked. For a jump start to the next day, use lip balm before going to bed every night. You can purchase lip balm with SPF’s in them to protect the lips against the winter sun.

Keep fit: Exercise in the winter months is extremely beneficial. The increase in blood flow during a cardio workout will aid in keeping the nutrients and oxygen going to every cell in the body. Oxygen flow aids in the rejuvenation of the skin and reduces the effects of aging.

Wear gloves to protect hands: The skin on the back of your hands is thin so the hands need the protection of gloves in the winter months. It is also helpful to use a rich hand cream to avoid cracked hands and fingers. Try applying a cream every time you wash your hands to maintain moisture.

Take vitamins: The intake of supplemental vitamins helps to aid in the care of your skin during winter months. Vitamins are not to be used instead of a proper diet but in addition to what you may not be getting enough of in your diet.

Sunglasses for bright, low sun: Sunglasses will not only protect your eyes from sun damage, but they will aid in the prevention of squinting. Squinting will cause crow’s feet around your eyes to prematurely show up. Winter sun is particularly harsh as it is often very low in the sky. With eye protection, wear your SPF, for your face and body 24 X7.

Dry air: If you have the heating on high, place a bowl of water in the room so your skin doesn’t get dry. The water helps to keep the air from getting too dry. Or try using a humidifier to get some moisture in the air.

With these simple skin care tips in your bag you have ‘winterized your skin’ and be the envy of your friends.


Today’s blogger, Cat is a freelance writer and writes about skin care advice, health, beauty and fashion as well as natural and vegan products.


Note:  All views expressed in this blog post are the personal opinions of the guest blogger. mySkin has edited the story to suit their style and tone. mySkin.com doesn’t favor any particular skincare brand or take advertising from any of them. Our scientific algorithm is entirely unbiased based on your skin profile.

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