3 Awesome Winter Makeup Tips


Change your makeup like you change your clothes! With the polar vortex and deep freeze chilling you in full gusto, your skin needs all the extra attention and love. Your skin is dry and you notice that the natural color of your skin is changing with the cold and lack of sun exposure. Its important that you go in for a makeup overall, as mySkin calls it!

Here is how you keep your ‘makeup attitude’ on the high and stick your tongue out at that wicked winter cold 😉

Skin care: The First Step – Your makeup will behave if you treat your skin right. In the winter, with the oil glands taking a break, dryness sets in.

  • Exfoliate with a gentle scrub to take off dead cells.
  • Moisturizing regularly is the best solution to keep the skin hydrated. Know what moisturizers work for your skin.
  • Just before starting your makeup routine, you can lightly spray your face with water to seal in the moisture.
  • Adding a few drops of water to your foundation base to moisturize is good.
  • Prepping up your skin with a hydrating serum and applying a foundation primer will also seal in the moisture while giving your skin an even tone.

Change your makeup shades- We tend to lose our summer- skin color in the winter, with the skin looking paler. Hence, your makeup shades must change in the cold weather.

  • Starting with your foundation and concealer, you need to check if your current shades match your skin tone. To avoid an uneven or orange look, go in for a shade or two lighter in this season.
  • The luminous or dewy foundation finishes rock in the winters- opt for light shades with shimmer or accentuate with a tinted powder.
  • Avoid bronzers, as they tend to look smudgy.
  • Shades of browns and light pinks are the best suited for winters. Opt for chocolate or coffee lipstick shades or apply tinted lip balms in honey, blackberry or strawberry flavors that moisturize as well.

Accentuate- Keeping the all-natural look works best in winters. This look makes your face look fresh and you require minimal amount of makeup.

  • To create a little drama, you can choose to accentuate one area of the face keeping the rest au-naturale.
  • Define your eyes with a smokey look. If you prefer to go all-nude, then the use of a little gold shimmer on the eyes with a bright velvety red, cherry or purple lipstick will keep your face from looking single color toned.

Remember- for a healthy winter skin cleanse your makeup at the end of the day and moisturize it before hitting the bed!


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Invitation To Meet Us At IECSC-New York, Booth 355

Invitation To Meet Us At IECSC-New York, Booth 355

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