3 DIY Back To School Skincare Routines That Work

shutterstock_127323395If you’ve put a check mark on your back to school wardrobe, accessories and make up then there is one last thing that you need to do. To be skin ready! Your skin needs to be radiant, glowing and healthy as you get school ready.

Here are 3 DIY skin routines that will “work off your vacation marks” and get you glowing!

Zap your zits: Nothing else affects skin appearance as a zit does! As annoying as these bumps on your face are, you must treat them with  gentle love and care. Vigorous scrubbing will simply make your acne worse. So get on an acne banishing plan with this simple DIY remedy. Make a paste of baking soda and water. It should have a toothpaste like consistency. Wash your face with a gentle, oil free cleanser, rub an ice cube and finally apply a very light oil free lotion on your face. Now before bed apply the baking soda paste on your acne and leave overnight. Do this on alternate nights. Your pimples will reduce and the scars will start fading off.  On the nights that the baking soda gets a break treat your face to the TLC of aloe gel. Extract fresh aloe gel from the leaf of an aloe vera plant and apply on the affected areas. Just aloe takes time to show its zit zapping effects, but in conjunction with the baking soda remedy  your acne would disappear faster.

Clear your tan: You spent your summer on the beach. Now you’ve been gifted with tan lines! That’s worrying, isn’t it? Let’s go DIY and skin-play with fruits and veggies. Take an over ripe papaya or tomato, mash it up so that it is still pulpy, squeeze in the juice of a lemon and apply over a clean face like a mask. The enzymes in the papaya and tomato will gently, yet very effectively, remove your tan and the lemon will give your face a nice healthy glow. Do this every day for a week for great results.

Banish your bacne: Acne on your back is reality!  Overactive sebaceous glands and blocked pores are the common triggers for bacne.  Soak yourself in a sea salt water bath for 10 minutes and then gently scrub your back with a loofah. Make your natural exfoliating scrub with sea salt, juice of one grapefruit and some sugar. Massage this on your back and then rinse off. For severe bacne,  make friends with zinc. Simply take a zinc gel tablet and squeeze out the gel. Apply on the affected areas with the help of a clean Q tip.

A regular and balanced diet and exercise is also essential to maintain your skin health. Don’t dismiss that as a part of your “getting skin ready” for school plan.

Enjoy your first day at school with confidence, fun and beautiful moments 🙂


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