3 Hispanic Beauties Who Take Skincare Seriously

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Talk about oomph, style and sexy skin- the la-la-latina’s of the world can’t be left far behind! Where sexy skin and style are concerned, skin care isn’t too far away! Swinging on the same olive branch, for beauties right from JLo to Selena Gomez to Shakira to Zoe Saldana to Penelope Cruz, skin care is an essential part of their routine.

Today, not only skin care and beauty products are specifically made to suit Hispanic skin, but there are celebs who have taken their seriousness for skin care to the next level.

National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from 15th September to 15th October and mySkin proudly features 3 gorgeous entrepreneurs who have given a whole lot to skin care!

Salma Hayek

She’s the first that comes to mind when you think of an entrepreneurial Latina. Not only does she have amazing skin, she also has her own skin care, hair care and makeup line of products. Nuance, launched in 2011 has about 100 products under its umbrella! The entire line is paraben-free, cruelty-free ( that means no animal testing), and is very reasonably priced.

Inspired by her grandmother who was a cosmetologist specializing in homemade beauty products, Salma Hayek’s Nuance products are full of high-end botanicals like shea butter, calendula, blue agave extract, and mimosa bark extract.

Gisele Bundchen

In the year 2010 Brazilian –German beauty, Giselle Bundchen launched her 100% natural beauty line Sejaa. The UN’s Goodwill Ambassador for the Environment Program, made sure that she keeps her title. Her products not only use natural whole plant ingredients and wind power during the manufacturing process, but also are careful to use only soy-based VOC-free inks used on the packaging.

Her three-product line consists of a Day and Night cream, a Mud Mask and a Pure Skincare Kit.

Jessica Alba

The half-Mexican-Spanish-Danish Californian native Hollywood mommy started The Honest Co. along with Christopher Gavigan. The company dedicates its products to babies. Right from diapers, bottom washes, balms, wipes, creams, bubble baths, and powders to sunscreens, lotions, shampoos, conditioners-  they have it all. Who says skin care doesn’t start at an early age!

We love you! Moreover, we love your dedication towards beauty, skin care, looking “oomph” and making the world “oomphier”!!


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