Guest Post: 3 Home-made Beauty Recipes


There are some wonderful products out there on the market today, backed by sophisticated research. However, sometimes, all the research you need is the evidence of your own eyes, and the wisdom of generations of women before you. Before there were commercial beauty products, there was still skin-care. Open your kitchen cupboards and you’ll find the things you need to make some very effective treatments to have you looking and feeling great. Many of them are incredibly simple too. Here are three of the best examples:

Olive Oil Cleanser: All you need for this is pure, extra-virgin olive oil, cotton wool and muslin cloths. It is fantastic for any skin type, even if you suffer from acne. In fact, this is a great home-made product if you suffer from acne. In may seem counter-intuitive, but olive oil can act as a skin balancer. Some commercial cleansers can be drying, prompting your skin to produce too much oil as a result, leading to more acne. Just put a little olive oil on a cotton wool pad and wipe it over your face: you’ll see the oil pull dirt out of the pores. Then, soak a muslin with hot water and use that to clean the oil off thoroughly. Use a fresh muslin each day to prevent bacteria breeding. You’ll have fresh, sparkling skin within a week.

Milky Sugar Scrub: This lovely scrub can keep both face and body feeling silky smooth and soft. It’s just abrasive enough to help scrub away minor blemishes, but without being harsh and drying. Brown sugar works best, as the crystals are slightly larger and it tends to be softer, but white sugar works fine too. Take half a cup of sugar and add one-two tablespoons of milk, or until it forms a thickish paste. If you want, add a little bit of honey for extra richness. For a slight astringent effect for those with oily skin, a little lemon juice works well. This scrub cleanses, exfoliates and moisturises all in one go.

Green Tea Face Mask: You can use black tea for this, but green tea is best as it has a greater anti-oxidant effect. It will help condition and tone the skin, drawing out impurities and is suitable for all skin types. Mix green tea with some crushed oatmeal or flour to form a paste. If you like, add some honey or yogurt for extra richness. Simply spread over the face and leave for 10-20 minutes, or until you’ve had enough. Then wash it off and enjoy your fresh, smooth skin.

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Today’s guest blogger Izzy Woods is a fiend for fashion, beauty and makeup. She is a big supporter of all things natural, from organic memory foam mattress to natural foods and cosmetics.


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