3 Shaving Tips For Bikini Season


Many women include shaving as part of their daily or weekly routine in order to have smooth skin. However, there are several unfortunate side effects that can come about as a result of shaving, including dry or uneven skin.

In order to keep your skin looking attractive and healthy without sacrificing the ease and convenience of shaving, implement these 3 shaving tools that help to maintain healthy skin :
High Quality Razors: While there may not be one specific razor that can result in healthy skin, the reality is that many cheap or low quality razors are dull. Dull razors are not only less effective while shaving, but they can also cause the skin to look dry and get cut more easily. Invest in high quality razors and  keep them clean to be effective. If you are concerned with the price, purchase disposable razors, but use them only a few times before tossing them to use a new one. This will prevent them from getting dull or even rusting in a humid shower environment.
Built In Moisturizers: One of the challenges many women face is preventing their skin from drying out due to shaving. By shaving the hair off of your skin, you are actually removing the thin layer of your epidermis. According to medical experts, this can lead to other health problems resulting from skin wounds. In order to re-moisturize the new layer of skin that is exposed as a result of shaving, consider using a razor with a built in moisturizing agent. Along the razor blades, there will be a solid substance that actually serves as a way to add moisture both before and after the blades shave the skin.
High Quality Shaving Cream: In order to keep skin healthy and moisturized, it is important to use a high quality shaving cream. Although it is possible to shave simply with a razor and water or even plain soap, this can leave skin dry and damaged. Look for shaving creams or gels which have ingredients such as jojoba oil or Vitamin E as an active ingredient.  Shaver burn is often cited as a main detriment to the shaving process, and having a high-quality shaving cream is a major step in preventing this.

With these 3 shaving tools in hand ( a high quality razor, a built in moisturizer and a high quality shaving cream), your skin looks healthy, smooth and attractive-  all ready to don that sexy bikini!


Guest blogger Elaine Hirsch is kind of a jack-of-all-interests, from education and history to medicine and videogames. This makes it difficult to choose just one life path, so she is currently working as a writer for various education-related sites and writing about all these things instead. She is currently a writer for an online PhD resource.


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