3 Spa Specials For The Season Of Love

spa valentine specials

Its the month of indulgence! Indulge as the mercury dips or indulge to feel loved as its Valentines month. Indulge in a rejuvenating spa treatment either solo or gift your loved one some indulgence 🙂

Here are three spa specials that are trending on the mySkin ‘indulgence’ radar:

Caviar Facial and Spa- The health benefits of caviar for great looking skin has top Hollywood A-Lister’s like Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Mick Jagger indulge in Caviar spas. These spa specials are packed with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that prevent inflammation of skin cells and promote collagen production and regeneration of new skin cells. Caviar also contains anti-oxidants like Vitamin A and E that protect the skin from free radical damage and aging. The Caviar Facial and Spa includes the use of skin caviar luxe creams for massaging the body for an hour. The massage is then followed by an intense 90 minute Caviar Firming Facial to revitalize the skin.  La Prairie at The Ritz-Carlton Spa offers the best Caviar facial – a two and a half hour luxury for the skin.

The Vitamin Infusion Facial Spa- Most Vitamins are anti-aging wonders for the skin. The Vitamin Infusion Facial uses a patented formula containing Vitamins and polypeptides, that target the deepest layers of the skin to promote cell renewal, reduce dryness, sun damage, redness and fine lines and wrinkles. The facial begins with cleansing and exfoliation using a blend of Alpha-hydroxy and Beta-hydroxy acids, Vitamin B5, green tea and chamomile extracts to remove the dead skin cells and cleanse blocked pores. This is followed by the Vitamin infusion that is massaged deep into the skin followed by a collagen mask and an A-Bomb (a cream containing high concentrated formulations of Vitamin A and E). The spa is then topped off with an SPF 30 moisturizer. This 1:30 hour treatment is available at the serene Mandarin Oriental Spa, NY.

The Red-Flower Sento Treatment- Based on a traditional Japanese bathing ritual, this 5-step ritual takes place in the Vichy shower. Its aim is to cleanse, relax and purify the skin. The use of fruit essences and flower oils that are combined with the natural minerals derived from the earth and the sea gives the skin a real purifying “Zen” experience. Yuzu Mimosa sea algae is first used on the skin to purify it before it is scrubbed with natural Ohana ginger grass bamboo to exfoliate the dead skin cells. The body is then polished with Wild Cherry Blossom Rice and hydrated with Camellia, Rose and Plum extracts and essential oils. Finally your skin is treated to a Shiatsu massage using Kinmoxei Wild Lime Silk Oil that leaves your skin hydrated and radiant. You can indulge in a 90 minute session at the Great Jones’s Spa, NY.

Indulge=Feel Loved= You Are Special!


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