3 Spa Treatments Creating Waves


The spa industry is evolving and getting more innovative and research driven in keeping with the changing times. As the spa goer becomes more well traveled and obviously more informed, spas today are trying every bit harder to become savvier by staying on top of the latest technological and holistic developments resulting in more satisfied customers. Spa treatments are getting trendier and more exotic!

For a spa lover like YOU– here are three trending therapies to indulge in.

Do Gemstones Excite You? If you thought your rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds were just meant for adorning beautiful jewellery, think again. Gemstone spa treatments are the current rage. Known for their balancing, calming, beautifying and revitalizing properties gemstone infused oils are combined with herbal essences and flower extracts for therapies. These gem massages promise to bring harmony to mind and body and balance your ‘chakras’. Try these gemstone treatments at The Trump Hotel.

Is Caviar Your Choice? Combining the richness of the anti aging properties of caviar with marine collagen and repairing Vitamins, the caviar spa treatment promises to deliver younger looking bright skin after the first session itself. Enjoy a gentle massage and exfoliation treatment which is followed by an application of dissolved pure caviar film.  A caviar mask is then applied which is then massaged deep into the skin.  You can find a visible difference in your skin’s appearance after this treatment. This delicious delight is offered at Domaine De La Bretesche Hotel, La Baule, France.

What’s Your Spa Genomic Profile? Looking for something more advanced and cutting edge then try out the Telomere analysis. This cutting edge treatment offers a customized approach to overall wellness, long term health benefits, weight loss and overcoming stress. A chromosomal analysis done on arrival decides the treatment plan since the longevity of the cells present can be determined. After this the treatment plan consisting of lymphatic drainage, hydro-colon therapy, aromatherapy and acupuncture is designed. Customization and personalization is the key to the success of this spa treatment. Try this treatment at The Sha Wellness Clinic, Alicante, Spain.

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