3 Surprising Causes Of Dry Skin


You love your skin care routine and you are careful not to take it lightly. You moisturize regularly, drink lots of water, avoid very hot showers and slather on you favorite moisture packed cleanser for your face and body. But, do you still feel your skin to be dry?

Here are three surprising, sneaky culprits to your dry skin woes.


Most of you spend about 8-10 hours inside an air-conditioned room. Whether you are in the office, in a mall or at home, you want the air to be cool if it is hot outside, and the central heating system on high to keep you cosy in the frigid winter months. An air-conditioning environment dries out the surrounding air by artificially heating or cooling it. This reduces the moisture in the air, and prolonged exposure to this kind of artificially conditioned atmosphere can result in dry skin. Make sure to open the windows once a while. Keep a green plant on your office desk. Place a beautiful bowl of water on your bed side. These simple things will humidify your spaces naturally.

Skin refreshers

While you out in the sun, you keep your face oil and dirt free by regularly wiping it with aqua-wipes and washing it with an oil-free face wash (whenever you can). Then, you spray your body with a splash to keep you looking fresh and the perfume to keep you fragrant. You finally top it off with a dab of lotion. Essentially, lotion should do the trick, but once you are home, your face is dry again! All your refreshing products could be the culprits. Most fragrance oriented body splashes, wipes and oil-free face washes contain alcohol. This can cause your skin to lose its natural moisture making it dry.


What you eat is what you are! Even applying loads of moisturizer won’t help if you are indulging in foods that can be dehydrating. Regular cups of coffee, that extra-large serving of fries, junk food lacking in essential nutrients and even those cocktail-doused nights with friends; all these can dehydrate the body from the inside, lowering the skins natural ability to retain moisture. Watch what you put in if you want to keep the dryness out!

Be aware of these sneaky, moisture-robbing culprits. They are everywhere and only you can make the right decisions to avoid them. Happy Skin= happy you 🙂


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