Everything Italian is gorgeous…their food, their looks and their skin. From Sophia Loren to Monica Bellucci, Italian women continue to turn heads across the globe every decade. What is their beauty secret, I ask?

In my effort to dig out the ‘skin- truth’ from the secret – here are four Italiano DIY skincare recipes:

Tomato tango- Italian food and tomatoes is a match made in heaven. But tomatoes are not just a part of their kitchen but also a very big part of their skin care secret. Try a Roma facial at home using juicy red tomatoes. Step one is to paint your face with fresh yogurt. Then take the juice of a ripe red tomato, and paint it over the yogurt. You could even use tomato slices but its hard keeping the slices in place. Make sure that you don’t cover your eyes and lips with this. Now relax for ten minutes and cleanse off your face food with cool water. Refreshed skin? I think so! This mask provides nourishment to the skin with the yogurt. The tomatoes soothe the skin, reduce skin irritation, act as an astringent and even fade sun spots.

Virgin olive oil- The entire Mediterranean region swears by the health benefits of Olive oil. Italians are no different. Olive oil is revered in their country and finds its way into food and beauty recipes alike. Make an exceptionally fast yet extremely efficient scrub mixing olive oil with some rock salt. Massage gently on your hands and feet and then rinse off with plain water. Your skin will feel baby soft. Use Olive oil to take off your make up or massage on your scalp for gorgeous tresses…olive oil, packed with anti oxidants will give your skin the power to feel smooth, supple and child like.

Orange passion- Oranges are used in bounty by the Italians in their skin care routine. Dry the orange peels and make a body scrub out of it. Mix this peel powder with milk or cream to perk up your skin, reduce blemishes and dark spots. Italians also use toners made with oranges extensively. Simply pour boiling water over orange peels, leave overnight, filter and use the next day. You can store this toner easily in the refrigerator. Simply spray on directly to your face or use it to prepare face masks.

Gorgeous Grapefruit- You’ll find Italians packing in the power of grapefruits in their skin care routine. From body butters, moisturizers, toners and face masks- there are grapefruit skin care products for all. Grapefruits are known for their healing, antiseptic, reparative and protective properties. Rich in anti oxidants, these fruits provide deep skin nourishment and help in delaying signs of premature aging along with reducing the size of enlarged pores and decreasing skin puffiness. Mix together one egg white and one fourth of a pink grapefruit and you have an instant rejuvenating and tightening face mask.

Do you have any more Italian skincare recipes to share? Waiting to hear from all Mediterraneans and Italians- You are the experts here:) Comment below or tweet in. Follow your beauty journey on Facebook.


4 Beauty Secrets From Italy

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