5 Acne Myths To Debunk Now!

acne myths

Are you afraid of the ‘A’ word? Are you avoiding moisturizers just because there’s a whole internet section devoted to, ‘why moisturizers and other products can cause it’, and, did you just give up on those chocolates you have stashed up in your refrigerator?

With all the old wives tales surrounding acne, and all the misleading information available, we wouldn’t really blame you for believing these myths about Acne vulgaris. In fact, we’ll simply bust them for you!

The latest myth – Accutane users “JUMP OFF THAT BANDWAGON!!”

Though Accutane is one of the most successful drugs in treating acne, it definitely does not cure it. Moreover, it is used only for severe cases. Almost all severe acne cases that need to use Accutane, often use it along with long-term topical treatments. Offhand use of Accutane is sure to cause harmful side-effects!

The most ridiculous one – Acne is hereditary and contagious

Like seriously! Do you even believe that you could “catch acne” from a friend? You can safely go and give your BFF a big hug! Her acne is hers to keep! At the same time, while your genes are an influencing factor, your hormones are the deciding factor. Therefore, just because your third-uncle-once-removed had a bad case of acne, you aren’t necessarily going have it. Closer to home, if your mum flaunts flawless skin; there’s no guarantee that you won’t get acne.

The misconception – Acne restricts itself to the “teenage”

There is no set season, age or reason for acne break outs. While those in their wonder years are most commonly affected due to hormonal changes, acne can affect adults and babies too.

The dangerous one – Toothpaste is a quick home remedy for acne

Toothpaste is meant for your TEETH! While toothpaste does have certain ingredients like triclosan that kill bacteria and can absorb oil when it dries, it also contains other ingredients like Sodium Lauryl Sulphate which is a known comedogenic and a famous pore clogger, which can do more harm to the skin than help!

The most common one – Sugar, greasy food and chocolates cause acne

To begin with, if these foods caused acne, acne would be the world’s boiling issue (pun intended!) however, while these foods do not cause acne, they, along with other factors like hormones, genes, an allergic reaction, etc. could aggravate it!

Acne is a common skin issue. While falling for ‘acne causing myths’ is convenient, it’s better to get the facts!


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