5 Back To School Skincare Tips

The first day back to reality is always dreadful and daunting.  This year it doesn’t have to be!  This year you are going to put your best skin forth and take on the school year with confidence.  Go back to school with healthy, clear and radiating skin by following these 5 “Back to School” skincare tips:

1.Establish A Skincare Routine

The best way to determine what type of skincare routine is right for you is to understand your skin type:

  • Normal: Individuals with normal skin have smooth skin and minimal blemishes.  Wash your face twice a day with a gentle, all-natural cleanser.  Apply a clear, light-weight serum for added nutrients.
  • Oily: Individuals with oily skin are prone to blackheads and pimples due to clogged pores.  Use a mild cleanser with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid to prevent breakouts.
  • Dry: Dry skin is rough and dull, due to excessive skin shedding.  Wash your face no more than 2 times a day with lukewarm/cold water (hot water strips the skin of necessary oils).
  • Combination: The best skincare routine for combination skin is to combine and experiment with skincare routines geared for both oily and dry skin.

2. Back To School Makeup

Start the new school year with new makeup. Old makeup and makeup tools are breeding grounds for bacteria.  Old makeup may cause eye infections.  Old makeup brushes may cause skin blemishes and breakouts.  Out with the old, in with the new.

3. Catch Up on Some ZZZ’s

During summer vacation, it’s not uncommon to stay up past 3am in the morning.  With the start of the school year, get back to your regular sleeping schedule (at least 7 hours).  There’s a reason why they call it beauty sleep.  Sleep has been scientifically proven to improve the appearance of our skin by keeping stress at bay, by regenerating new cells and preventing wrinkles, dark circles and dull skin.

4. Pack Your Own Lunch

Cafeteria food is unpleasant to eat and usually bad for you.  Fried foods high in fat, processed foods and foods high in sugar are all bad for your skin.  Pack your own lunch with fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants and fiber!

5. Pick Up A Sport

One of the best all natural ways to boost the appearance of your skin is to get up on your feet and be active.  Whether you’re interested in picking up intramurals, taking a gym class or trying out for a team, find creative ways to keep your blood flowing.  When you exercise, you are increasing your blood flow and circulation, which exposes your skin to more oxygen, blood and nutrients.  That’s why your skin always radiates after a workout.

Cheers to Happy Skin!


Emily Li is the marketing director for Laser and Skin Care Centers of New York, specializing in laser hair removal in Queens, NY.  In her free time, she loves blogging and reading up on the latest skincare and makeup trends.  Her current favorite makeup trend is the low maintenance, all-natural, fresh summer look!


Note:  All views expressed in this blog post are the personal opinions of the guest blogger. mySkin.com doesn’t favor any particular skincare brand or take advertising from any of them. Our scientific algorithm is entirely unbiased based on your skin profile.

5 Back To School Skincare Tips

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