5 Bad Foods For Your Skin


“Women woes” often equate skin concerns. Your skin type, the seasons, your stress levels and the use of cosmetic products are all contributing factors to your skin concerns. Also your diet is key! The good news is you can control your diet to keep your skin looking younger and great.

Here are five bad foods for your skin and their alternative ‘good solutions’ to keep your skin looking wonderful: 

1. MilkAn important part of your  diet – its a no-substitute “wholesome food”. Surprisingly, research has shown that whole-milk can result in acne breakouts. The amount of fat in whole milk and the additives added to the cow’s diet to keep them lactating all year round for increased milk production are the ‘acne-causing’ culprits.

Your solution: Enjoy skimmed, low-fat or organic milk. Give almond and soya milk a try!

2. Shrimp- You love  shrimp in curries, skewers and cocktails! But most shell-fish and especially shrimp are known to cause skin allergies. Shrimps and prawns have high iodine content which is famous for causing breakouts and water retention that causes puffy skin.

Your solution: As a sea-food enthusiast, go for fish- grilled or poached.

3. Whole wheat bread- Have you switched to whole wheat bread for a healthier option? But are you still ridden by pimples? Whole wheat bread is definitely better than white bread, but it is still a source of gluten which can sometimes cause flareups if you are gluten intolerant.

Your solution: Look for multi-grain bread easily available in supermarkets or go the bake-it-yourself way!

4. Fruit Juice- A sad addition to the list, fruit juices (especially tetra-packed and the ones sold over- the-counter) are packed with sugar and preservatives. These are known to cause premature skin aging and wrinkles.

Your solution: Fresh fruit and vegetable juices made at home without any of the harmful white sugar will give you glowing skin.

5. Salad Dressing- Ready-made salad dressings make your lives easier. But they contain a number of skin damaging preservatives, artificial flavoring and coloring, salts and chemical agents that help keep them on the shelf longer. These additives age skin, cause breakouts and puffiness if consumed in excess.

Your solution: Avoid on-the-shelf salad dressings. Make them at home!

Exercising a complete ban on these foods is difficult, but you can definitely exercise control on consumption. Remember, you are what you eat and keeping your skin healthy is in your hand!

Be Skin Happy 🙂


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