5 Beach Essentials For The 4th Of July Weekend

beachYour eyes will light-up at the fireworks display on the 4th of July! Moreover, if you’re a water babe and are heading out to the beach for the long Independence weekend, you’re sure to brace the sun, sand and sea! In all probability you will end up spending the full 24 hours out on the beach!

Here are five “skin-essentials” that you simply cannot afford to miss in your not-so-heavy beach tote:

Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion – You’re going to be out in the sun and you’re going to need some serious sun protection.  At the same time, your seawater splashing escapades will leave your skin parched! Go in for a moisturizing sunscreen lotion with an SPF 30. The benefits of two in one bottle!  Remember to apply and reapply your lotion liberally.

A big floppy hat – That hat will give you added protection. Not just from a tan, but also from messy, frizzed-out hair, that can stick to your face and increase the chances of acne! Opt for a sun hat with a wide floppy brim. Add oodles to your style statement too!

Facial wipes and blotting paper –  Reach out for those facial wipes (the SPF ones are the best) or blotting paper to get rid of the sweat, grease and grime. Try those Starbucks tissues! A super quick option for a matte, oil-free, fresh look, and a great way to clean your makeup, especially when you’re transitioning from the morning beach-fun look to evening beach-party look!

Waterproof / Water based Makeup – The humid, sticky, and hot weather can make your makeup run and look blotchy;  not to forget you might end up looking like a geisha at the beach with all that cakey makeup! Arm yourself with light waterproof, water-based makeup like a good BB cream, waterproof mascara, a light two-in-one stick for the cheeks and eyes and, a lip gloss. Keep it basic!

Makeup setting spray – You are going to party! You’ll be enjoying the eating booths, the fireworks display and have an all-nighter at the beach party. With all the photography opportunities, you might not get a chance to retouch. Invest in a good finishing spray that will keep you makeup on. Bring on the selfies, baby!

Plan your holiday weekend look, pack your beach tote and keep your skincare essentials on the top of the list. Nothing can stop you from being beautiful! Look beautiful – feel independent;  Happy 4th of July, Ladies!


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5 Beach Essentials For The 4th Of July Weekend

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