5 Beauty Essentials For Labor Day Weekend

shutterstock_74104000Are you cramming your tote with your entire beauty shelf? This Labor Day get smart and pack these 5 beauty essentials to look and feel awesome without the heavy burden.

Eyelash alert: Want to give your eyes an instant wake-up call? Try the humble eyelash curler. These curlers have the amazing capability of lifting up your eyes, making them seem instantly brighter and more awake. Sweep some clear lip balm (if you don’t have clear mascara) on your lashes and then curl for that beautiful wide awake, bright look.

Mascara madness: Most people don’t know the power of the multi tasking mascara. This beauty essential can take your make up from day to night in a jiffy! Also, did you know that a mascara wand can magically help you tame those unruly eyebrows as well? A single sweep of mascara for the day shakes up any look. Apply a few additional coats for the night for a deeper and more mysterious look.

ABC – Try CC cream: Skip your concealer, foundation, face primer and put that CC cream in your tote. These creams give your skin the benefit of all of these products effortlessly. Also these creams have your SPF formulation keeping you sun safe, are very lightweight and give your skin that flawless smoothness and can be reapplied at any time just like a moisturizer.

Multitasking beauty balm: Pop in a multipurpose beauty balm in your tote. It can be used to give that rosy tint to your cheeks, double up as an eye shadow and a lip tint as well. Twist up sticks work perfectly for your beauty fix.

Eye magic: A mechanical self sharpening eyeliner pencil is a great tool to have in your tote this Labor Day. Try shades of navy, grey or brown to define your eyes and give your make up a lift. Winged eyes are very in this season and are very easy to do with these pencils.

Lastly, don’t forget a pack of pre-moistened disposable make up removing wipes. You will need them when drop dead tired with your weekend parties!

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!


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