5 Beauty Trends That Rocked In 2013


It has been a beauty-li-cious 2013! While you have been busy pampering your skin, beauty has seen some amazing trends in skincare, spa treatments, hair, nails and makeup in 2013. Some you may have caught up on and some you will surely love to follow. Read on-

Skincare Mantra- 2013 was the year of skin care with nature’s best. Exotic oils and natural ingredients made their way into many beauty products. Leading the way was Josie Maran’s Moroccan Argan Oil. Marula Oil, extracted from the nuts of the Marula tree found in Africa was next to join the skincare spotlight. The latest is the Murumuru Butter, with L’Oreal investing in the Amazonian forests for its products. In skin treatments, the Micro current treatments pushed aside invasive skin care surgery. The micro-current treatment reduces signs of aging and wrinkles by increasing the muscle tone through circulation, micro-contraction and cerebral effect.

What’s New At The Spa?  Spas too had an eventful year! The revival of Ayurvedic spas and other ancient healing traditions like the traditional Turkish and Roman baths or the Russian ‘banyas’ saw a comeback with modern twists of novel healing methods. Spas treatments like the ‘Mindfulness Massage’ that uses breath work and body scans bringing attention to every part of the body clubbed with therapy massage and ‘Earthing’ – a treatment promoting direct contact with the earth’s electron-rich surface combined with using more natural ingredients in their natural surroundings has been a wonderful spa therapy that took root in 2013.

Makeup Makeovers- Can makeup ever stay behind? 2013 saw a splash of neon colors in everything from eye makeup to neon lipsticks and electric colors like Rihanna’s Neon Blue lipstick. Tinted SPF creams, BB creams and CC creams that trended in the start of the year managed to make it into almost every handbag. In looks, the cat-eyes ruled the stage!

Hair Stories- In 2013, hair care took the skin care route! Hair care products got inspired by anti-aging formulas. Pantene’s age defy range hit the shelf with success, while anti-aging leave-in hair CC creams was the new kid on the block. Even scalp health moved into the limelight with scalp scrubs and masks. In hairstyles, the middle part was the way to go for a quick makeover. Michelle Obama trended the blunt bangs, whereas the red carpet had many stellar pixie crops doing the rounds!

Nail Me Up!  Nail art really revolutionized the world of manicures in 2013. Nail colors popped in every possible hue ranging from neon’s to matte solids to neutral shades. Styles like geometric manicures, caviar finishes, glitter dipped nails and gel nails saw women flashing the trendy styles. Another unique concept was introduced by Revlon’s File & Peel 6-in-1 file. Once the grit of one layer fades, just peel it off to reveal the next fresh layer. Economic and smart!

Looking forward to an even smarter, intelligent, crazier and beauty-li-cious 2014- Cheers!


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