5 DIY Sunburn Remedies

Do you think an unprotected hour in the sun would impact my skin? Sadly, it does- I ended up with sizzling sun burnt skin and was left resembling a grilled lobster. We know the havoc sun exposure plays- prolonged sun exposure puts us at the risk of skin cancer too. With all our knowledge of sunscreens and sun blocks, as humans 🙂 we do go wrong sometimes ending up looking red and sun-blotchy.

Here are 5 DIY remedies to ease out your pain, help you feel better fast:

Make Aloe your best friend: Aloe Vera is a plant that is native to Africa. The long leaves of this plant contain a gel called the aloe gel. Because of its anti inflammatory qualities this gel works wonderfully on sun burns. If you have an aloe plant at home all you need to do is cut off a leaf spear, split it open and apply the gel on the affected area. Make sure you avoid the sticky yellow latex that you find in the leaf. If you can’t lay your hands on an aloe plant you can easily buy pure aloe vera gel. It’s available in drug stores and health stores easily.

Hydrotherapy: If you have a mild sunburn then soaking in a cool bath will help alleviate your pain and discomfort. When you get “lobster skin” you need to keep the affected area cool and well hydrated. Cool showers, cold towel compresses or even a short bath taken frequently will help.

Its tea time: Tea works well on sun burns. Make a batch of regular tea and leave it to cool. Add some ice to it and spray on the affected area for relief. You could even dab it on your skin with a soft cloth for immediate relief.

Milk it is: Cool, not cold, milk when applied with a gauge on sun burnt skin gives immense relief. Leave this compress on for a minimum of twenty minutes and then rinse off gently.

Sauce it up: Research shows that eating tomatoes can improve the skins ability to protect itself against the sun’s UV rays, acting like a sunscreen layer for your skin; it’s nice to take precautions before getting burnt. Did you know that fresh tomato juice when applied on the sun burnt area alleviates the redness, inflammation and soothes your skin?

Having said the above, do visit your doctor if you experience symptoms like fever, vomiting, chills and intense fatigue.

Do you want me to add your DIY sunburn remedies? Write them in.

Sun Block And Sunscreen – Differentiated!

Sun Block And Sunscreen – Differentiated!

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Itchy Skin In The Summer?

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  1. Kati

    Nutrapelle is the best sunburn relief lotion I have found. It is an aloe based lotion with vitamin e oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, almond oil, jojoba oil and avocado oil. It not only relieves the pain and sting instantly but it heals and cools the temperature of the skin allowing it to recover with out trapping the heat in like most lotions.
    My skin turned to a beautiful tan without peeling. I use it every day!

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